Senior Financial Investigator

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Senior Financial Investigator
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Senior Financial Investigator

Active Secret Clearance Required (Top Secret Preferred)
Washington, DC, or Remote within the continental United States

@Orchard LLC has been retained by a prime contractor, and recently awarded work in support of a leading Federal Law Enforcement Agency. An upcoming task order will be for experienced Financial Investigators, tasked with tracking financial fraud and money laundering activities. This is a mission-critical task order that has direct implications for the security of the nation's financial and legal system and will involve some highly complex investigative activities.

As the Senior Financial Investigator, you will.
  • Analyze financial records obtained by the Investigating Agencies through internal and external databases and submit reports documenting the results, when requested. Specifically, the contractor will review bank statements; deposits; and debit transactions, including checks, letters of credit, Currency Transaction Reports (CTR), loan applications, and related records that are obtained pursuant to Federal and State subpoenas and search warrants executed by the Government. The contractor will review the documents to determine hidden assets and false statements that are used to hide illicit assets from investigators and to make the assets appear to be legitimate.
  • Review, process, and analyze information sufficient to 1) assist in determining the amount to seek as forfeiture; 2) identify and trace assets during the course of investigations; and 3) assist the Government in perfecting its interest in the property.
  • Assist in the location and repatriation of assets that are subject to forfeiture.
  • Identify the individuals and entities making deposits and all related bank accounts, properties, investments, and any other assets that may be identified from the documentation.
  • Maintain detailed case documentation and database files of financial investigative research to trace proceeds of criminal activities and investigative interests in targeted property.
  • Research and analyze the information derived from various investigative and business-related automated systems including, but not limited to, Choice Point, Autotrack, TECS, FINCEN, CLEAR, THREADS, Accurint, ISYS, Lexis-Nexis, PACER, CourtLink, West Law, NADA, Used, and other Internet capabilities (e.g., law enforcement databases to provide forfeiture specific case support to the Government in civil and criminal forfeiture matters). Examples of research and analysis activities include: analyzing and documenting the ownership interests of targeted properties; analyzing financial records to trace the proceeds of criminal violations to their current form; creating a database from financial records to document the source of targeted property; preparing seizure warrants, civil complaints, and forfeiture counts; preparing exhibits on the source and ownership of the targeted property; documenting and cataloging evidence on the source and ownership of the targeted property; and identifying, analyzing, and documenting potential substitute assets.
  • Research and identify assets utilizing various social media and cyber research tools.
  • Provide additional services, including the parsing of dialed number strings, to identify amounts and property that may be subject to forfeiture in a particular investigation and to perfect the government interest in the forfeitable property.
  • Organize and conduct detailed examinations of information generated during complex criminal/civil investigations as well as alternative sources for the purpose of conducting financial analyses of personal/business assets of targeted organizations/individuals.
  • Assist with the development of sufficient probable cause to enable the Government to pursue seizure warrants, temporary restraining orders, civil complaints, and forfeiture counts against targeted property and parties.
  • Provide investigative support to the Government with coordinated planning to mitigate excessive risks in seizing targeted property. This includes assessing impacts on the local community. An example would be the seizure of an occupied apartment complex.
  • Prepare documents and catalog case exhibits on the source and ownership of targeted properties.
  • Perform analytical research to identify and record potential substitute assets.
  • Identify witnesses and subjects and assist the case agent/attorney during - conducted interviews and courtroom proceedings regarding the ownership and source of targeted property of ongoing case investigations.
  • Provide courtroom testimony and depositions regarding their investigative analysis and identification of assets derived from specific unlawful activities.
  • Conduct detailed link analyses, specific to Forfeiture, utilizing the results of financial analysis and other investigative techniques.
  • Research and identify assets utilizing data amplification programs/systems and through various forms of cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin).
Your background will include.
  • An active Secret Clearance with the ability to obtain a Top-Secret Clearance is needed (an active Top-Secret Clearance would be preferred).
  • A bachelor’s degree in accounting, Finance, Economics, or a related field.
  • Extensive experience (10 years+), working within a law enforcement agency with responsibilities for planning, conducting, and executing complex financial investigations.
  • At least 5 years of experience within a specialized field such as forfeiture, organized crime, white-collar crime, fraud, drug dealing, or money laundering.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of current financial investigative techniques, including the use of commercial databases and other sources of information.
  • The ability to travel as needed for the purposes of an investigation, including a valid driver’s license.
If you feel this opportunity is right for you, please apply so that we can begin the conversation.

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