Genetic Counselor II - 17421

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Genetic Counselor II - 17421
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Jacksonville,  FL 32209
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Scope of the Job 
Provide professional genetic counseling services in a specialized division of maternal fetal medicine in an outpatient setting. 

Essential Functions

The essential functions are the primary dimensions for performance review. 

1.  Assist Maternal Fetal Medicine faculty in obtaining personal & family medical histories, creating and analyzing pedigrees, and determining if genetic testing is appropriate.

2. Provide counseling to patient and family members by providing information and psychosocial support.

3. Discuss testing options and associated risks, benefits and limitations with patients and families to assist them in making informed decisions.

4. Coordinate genetic testing send-outs, interpret laboratory results and communicate findings to patients or physicians.

5. Determine or coordinate treatment plans by requesting laboratory services, reviewing genetics or counseling literature, and considering histories or diagnostic data.

6. Write detailed consultation reports to provide information on complex genetic concepts to patients or referring physicians. 

7. Work with multidisciplinary staff to coordinate appointments, referrals, and collection of appropriate records. 

8. Provide inpatient consultations, interactions with attending physicians, patients, residents, medical students and other medical personnel.


Must be able to perform under stress when confronted with emergency, critical, or unusual situations.  Must be capable of dealing with periodic cyclical workload pressures and levels of responsibility.  Required to make independent judgments without supervision.  Must be able to make generalizations, evaluations, or decisions based on sensory or judgmental criteria.  Must have the adaptability to perform a variety of duties, often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure.  Requires the ability to work with people beyond giving and receiving instructions.

Required Skills

Knowledge of medical procedures and terminology; interpersonal / human relations skills; ability to implement and interpret policies and procedures; knowledge of regulatory agency standards (i.e. JCAHO, OSHA, HRS).

Demonstrates clinical skill in the area of ambulatory care and/or particular specialization, basic management skills.


At least two years of professional genetic counseling experience preferred.

Education and Certifications

Master of Science in Genetic Counseling or a related field from a program accredited by a national certification board for medical genetics personnel, required at time of hire.
Pay Range
$66,500.00   None to $84,600.00   None

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