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Summer Camp Coordinator
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Position: Counselor Reports to: Program Director, Summer Leadership Team Purpose of Position: A counselor is directly responsible for up to 8 assigned campers each week, working with varying age groups week to week. Counselors lead and facilitate daily camp activities and live in a cabin with their assigned campers. Qualifications: 1. Must be at least 18 years old or a high school graduate 2. Must have current certification in first aid and CPR, or willing to become certified 3. Ability and interest to interact with children of all ages and backgrounds 4. Ability to work with a team in a Christian environment 5. Ability to work long hours in an outdoor environment 6. Ability to use discernment in difficult situations 7. Ability to abstain from use of cell phones and social media while on duty 8. Strong communication and interpersonal skills to be used with campers, staff, volunteers, visitors, and campers’ parents 9. Ability to maintain maturity, discipline, and flexibility while also leading by example through good moral character, work ethic, and strong integrity Responsibilities: 1. Attend all staff trainings and meetings 2. Respect all of God’s creation to include ALL staff members and the environment 3. Responsible for the caretaking and wellbeing of assigned campers’ mentally, physically, and spiritually 4. Responsible for managing camper behaviors 5. Lead and facilitate camp activities with provided training; Responsible for planning and leading daily Bible studies from the curriculum provided 6. Know and abide by all policies and procedures on camp property 7. Know and abide by all safety regulations and emergency procedures 8. Clean assigned cabin daily with campers and help with KP (kitchen patrol) 9. Take initiative as a team player 10. Perform all duties as assigned by Program Director or leadership staff Other Specific Duties and Responsibilities: 1. There is a mandatory two-week staff training that will be held prior to the start of camp sessions. In some cases, this two-week training can be made up as a last resort. There will be at least two scheduled meetings per week for the remainder of the summer: one on Sundays before campers arrive and one on Fridays after all campers have gone home. 2. Summer staff will create a covenant during staff training. It is expected that this will be the standard of how individual staff members live and interact with each other and the outdoors for the entirety of the summer. 3. Assigned campers will be the counselors’ responsibility from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. A camper should never be left unsupervised and headcounts will need to be done continuously throughout the day. On an average day, counselors spend 23 hours with their assigned campers. 4. Lead your small group into a cohesive and positive dynamic through age-appropriate language. Unacceptable behaviors need to be managed in a timely manner and, when necessary, reported to leadership staff or Program Director to be addressed. Counselors are to be a role model and lead by example as campers deepen their faith. Be approachable. 5. Camp activities that counselors will be participating in or leading include, but are not limited to, small and large group games, team building exercises, labyrinth, swimming, archery, challenge course highs and lows, zip lining, canoeing, vespers and bible studies, climbing wall, arts and crafts, campfire cooking, boating activities, and evening devotions. 6. Counselors should refer to their staff handbook for continual knowledge of camps policies and emergency procedures. Counselors must be able to maintain control of a group in emergency situations and take action when needed. 7. Camp policies will be sent out upon hire and covered in detail during staff training. All staff and volunteers are to abide by those policies. A covenant agreement will be signed during staff training stating your willingness to comply. 8. Cabin cleanup will be done each morning after breakfast. Counselors are responsible for ensuring their living quarters remain tidy and clean throughout the week. Groups will rotate responsibility for helping with KP (kitchen patrol) to ensure tables are set and that the Dining Hall is cleaned after mealtimes. 9. Counselors are to be flexible when assigned to alternate roles (program staff, lifeguard, etc), as well as, to schedule changes. 10. Be ready. Camp is a fun and fast paced environment with opportunities to slow down and spend time with God. Camp is an incredible gift and privilege. The expectations are high, the time is valuable, and opportunities to grow are imminent. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: ● Good written and verbal communication ● Strong time management skills ● Determination and persistence ● Critical thinking and problem solving skills ● Working well individually and within a team ● Self-motivated ● Ability to resolve conflict in a positive manner ● Ability to understand child development ● Ability to lead a small group ● Ability to practice patience and empathy Physical Requirements: ● Ability to stand for long hours ● Potentially stooping, climbing, reaching, lifting up to 50 pounds, walking long distances, bending, jumping, and using hand-eye coordination. ● Ability to work in all weather conditions Relationships and Interpersonal Aspects: 

Required Skills

must have current First Aid, CPR, and Waterfront Lifeguard Certifications.

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