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IT Data Analyst 4 (Detroit, MI) Contract

Job Title
IT Data Analyst 4 (Detroit, MI) Contract
Job ID
Detroit,  MI 48127
Other Location
The Data Analyst will be responsible to build, develop and execute data analytics for internal audit. This includes data analytic projects and continuous monitoring techniques executed with consistency and overall strategy, policy and procedures of the company. 
Key Responsibilities:
This position has responsibility to:
  • Collaborate with business, IT, and internal audit to capture, prioritize and document data analytic requirements and drive measurable results
  • Analyze complex data, identify anomalies, and provide useable insight to internal and external customers
  • Recommend types of analytics and procedures to apply to meet audit objectives
  • Transfer knowledge to both internal and external customers
  • Support internal audit annual risk assessment and planning activities
  • Identify opportunities for cost recoveries, cost avoidance, and process and control improvements
  • Proactively identify opportunities for application of advanced analytics and automation in audit processes
  • Prepare documentation and analytical reports that effectively summarize results, assumptions, and conclusions.
  • Communicate data analytic conclusions to internal audit and business
  • Establish relationships with business, IT, and internal audit personnel at appropriate levels. Consistently deliver quality analytics. Monitor progress, manage risk and ensure key stakeholders are kept informed about progress and expected outcomes. Stay abreast of current business and industry trends relevant to the client's business Demonstrate in­-depth technical capabilities and professional knowledge
  • Demonstrate ability to assimilate new knowledge. Possess good business acumen. Stay current with data analytic techniques/technology
Key Skills 
  • Data Visualization & Data Analysis 
  • Power BI
  • SQL


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