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Pest Control Tehnician

Job Title
Pest Control Tehnician
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Jacksonville,  FL 32216
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Our Lawn Spray Technicians are motivated, independently minded professionals that manage their routes, deliver excellent service and develop winning relationships with their customers.

Why Work for us?

  • You like a challenge and wish to work for a growing, professional, well respected company.
  • You enjoy solving problems and taking care of your customers.
  • You want to work with fun people in a positive, caring work environment, because that is who you are too.
  • You want security, great pay and benefits like life, medical, dental, vision insurance.
  • You like to manage your own routes.
  • You want the opportunity to move up, learn more, grow professionally.
  • You are organized, like to work proactively, have your opinions count, be recognized for your good work.

·         Do you want stability, personal growth, professional opportunity, and do you take ownership of your work?

Must have a valid Driver’s license and pass both Background and Drug Test.

Required Skills

Completes all daily assignments
Maintains 90/10 Q&Q at Quarterly Average
DACS card carried
Signs every account
Follows customer instructions
Correct use of PPE
Chemicals labeled
Keeps Chemical box locked when not in use
Keeps equipment locked when not in use
Works safely
Drives Safely
Correct treatment per Fill chart including product choice, mixing and product rates
Correct indentification and treatment of turf INSECTS
Correct indentification and treatment of turf DISEASE
Correct treatment of ornamentals per instructions
Understands nutiitional issues on turf and treats according to standard
Can Identify treatable weeds and treat to standard
Can Identify non-treatable weeds
Can identify thatch and compaction
Can correctly identify St. Aug grass, Zoysia grass, Bahia grass, Bermuda grass
Understands timing of pest, weed and disease treatments and correct retreatment intervals
Can identify drought damage and communicate with customer
Can identify hot spots and communicate with customer
Can identify mowing damage and communicate with customer
Uses mobile app properly to document treatment, location, products, communication to customer

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