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Facility Nurse Manager

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Facility Nurse Manager
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Cypress,  TX 77429
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The Facility Nurse Manager (NM) utilizes the standards set forth for Nursing Practice by the State BON and ENA.  The NM will organize, modify, evaluate, document and maintain the Plan of Care (POC) for America’s ER patients.  The NM will ensure that all patient POC include individualized, family centered, holistic, supportive, and safe care.  The NM will maintain facility standards for patient care in clinical issues as well as ensuring the facility obtains and maintains all state and accrediting agency requirements. 




Essential Function:

  • The NM alternates call for the facility with the Assistant Facility Nurse Manager (AFNM), and will perform all the functions of the Clinical Staff RN.
  • The NM oversees all departmental scheduling and payroll submissions.
  • Assists with marketing for America’s ER.
  • Ensures that all new hire documentation requirements are met and submitted to Human Resources in a timely fashion.
  • Objectively evaluates and documents staff performance periodically and annually and performs Corrective Actions if necessary.
  • Collaborates with the Governing Body to ensure compliance with established Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Finalizes all departmental schedules and routinely audits staff payroll to ensure compliance with expected staffing requirements and avoidance of overtime.
  • Finalizes payroll for all departments, no later than Monday at 10 a.m. on a biweekly basis.
  • Finalizes and submits weekly Supply and Pharmaceutical orders and maintains established minimum par levels.
  • Receives invoices for the facility and compares with packing slips to ensure accuracy and accountability for ordered items.  Sends all invoices after they have been determined to be accurate to the established department.
  • Act as the designated person to monitor and coordinate disaster preparedness activities.
  • Ensures that candidates for employment meet established qualifications for the positions desired prior to onboarding.
  • Ensures that all staff maintains all required certifications and licenses in compliance with Company policies and State regulations.
  • Provides and documents adequate orientation and training to familiarize all personnel with the company’s policies, procedures, equipment and facilities.
  • Ensures that at least the minimum staffing requirements are met to ensure patient safety and continuous workflow.
  • Ensures that all log binders for the facility are maintained and accurate.
  • Coordinates with the Laboratory Director and the Laboratory Technical Consultant to ensure proper staff training, continuing education, and documentation are maintained and meet both CLIA and COLA requirements.
  • Responsible for ordering and keeping track of the Facility’s 222 forms and ensuring compliance with all Pharmacy Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensures that staff is properly trained and can demonstrate competency in regards to quarterly fire drills, both silent and alarmed.
  • Responsible for coordinating and implementing monthly staff meetings.
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with the established Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program.
  • Responds to any deficiency cited by State Inspector in the time frame allowed with acceptable and approved corrective actions.
  • Coordinates care, in collaboration with a wide array of healthcare professionals.
  • Direct and supervise care delivered by other healthcare professionals, both licensed and unlicensed.


  • Employees of America’s ER are expected to check their company email often.  Email is the primary means of communication within the facility and administration.
  • The NM is expected to greet patients and their family members when meeting them in a courteous and respectful manner.  Maintaining eye contact, smiling, and speaking in a clear and respectful voice elicits a sense of professionalism and sets the tone for their experience at America’s ER.
  • Punctuality and Professional appearance are of utmost importance to this role.  The NM is expected to present to the facility on time and dressed in the attire approved for the position as stated in the Employee Handbook.
  • The NM will staff, at minimum, 3 twelve (12) hour shifts per week on a rotating schedule with the AFNM and/or other Clinical RNs.
  • The NM will be expected to assist with marketing for America’s ER.





Laboratory Requirements:

  • Follow the laboratory’s procedures for specimen handling and processing, test analyses, reporting, and maintaining records of patient results.
  • Maintain records, which demonstrate that proficiency-testing samples are tested in the same manner as patient specimens.
  • Adhere to the laboratory’s quality control policies and document all QC activities, instrument and procedural calibrations, and instrument maintenance.
  • Follow the Laboratory’s policies whenever test systems are not within the laboratory’s established acceptable levels of performance.
  • Document all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the laboratory’s established performance specifications.
  • Be able to identify problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and either correct the problem or notify the Laboratory Director.
  • Acts as the Designee of the Laboratory Director, along with the Laboratory Technical Consultant, to review Laboratory documentation.


  • Minimum 4 years recent experience in Emergency Room Nursing, acting as Charge RN or the equivalent.
  • Minimum 2 years recent experience in the Freestanding Emergency Room acting as Assistant Nurse Manager or Nurse Manager.
  • Graduate of an accredited school of Nursing.  AAS required, BSN preferred.
  • BLS, ACLS, PALS CERTIFICATION.  CEN, CPEN, TNCC not required at this time but preferred.
  • Maintain all credentials and continuing education requirements.
  • Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.

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