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Student Development Manager

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Student Development Manager
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Syracuse,  NY
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Student Development Manager

Company Overview:

Cambridge Network is an educational consulting firm and homestay service provider that empowers American high schools to build strong international student programs and stimulate meaningful cross-cultural exchange among educators and learners across the globe. Cambridge Network was recognized in Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 List of the fastest-growing privately-held companies as the #142 company overall, #2 in education, #7 in Massachusetts, and #6 in women-led companies.

The company proudly fosters a vibrant culture emphasizing teamwork, positivity, personal growth, and passion. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts and featuring offices in Los Angeles, China, Vietnam and Korea, Cambridge Network seeks employees who share our zeal for international collaboration and wish to grow with a thriving company.

Position Overview:

This role is the front line of customer guidance for our students.  The Student Development Manager acts as an advocate for Cambridge students by guiding their development academically and individually.  Student Development Managers collaborate with Family Education Advisors to ensure student well-being and timely communication with natural parents.  Student Managers strive to provide a program environment in which every student will experience success and can surpass their educational goals.  Student Development Managers serve as the “Face of Cambridge” at the local level and as such must consistently demonstrate the highest of professional standards.


Student Guidance (60% of time)

  • Guide 30 students in the Cambridge residential program by providing them with host family options and developing their skills for success while in the program.
  • Hold weekly fixed-time in person check-ins with students monitoring their adjustment and academic and residential needs.
  • Deliver Cambridge UP Curriculum follow-up lessons to the students weekly to guide their whole development as international students.
  • Serve as a Moderator in Zoom classroom for Cambridge UP courses.
  • Document check-ins with the students by writing weekly updates and sharing photos to the database. These updates will compile into a monthly report.
  • In correlation with school academic reports, write quarterly reports of the student’s academic, social, emotional and individual progress for natural parents.
  • Hold weekly fixed-time meetings to track academic progress in consultations with school teachers, guidance counselors, and tutors (if applicable).
  • Monitor students’ emotional well-being and overall adjustment, maintain open lines of communication with students.
  • Make necessary plans for tutoring, personal guidance and medical guidance as needed.
  • Plan, conduct, and document student and host family orientations and two events with students during the academic year.
  • Attend school and community events and graduations as needed.
  • Mediate host family/student/parent communication to resolve issues proactively as necessary.

Host Family Management (15% of time)

  • Hold monthly fixed time meetings with host families via phone, skype or in-person.
  • Document the updates in student weekly reports for the corresponding week.
  • Visit host families' homes once per semester in accordance with CSIET regulations.
  • Maintain a network of host families for yearly enrollment.
  • Conduct timely site visits of prospective host families and submit written report.
  • Communicate with host families regularly about student needs and program updates.
  • Develop a host family community by creating opportunities for sharing experiences and advice.

Additional role responsibilities (20% of time)

  • Actively collect real-time data of students' successes and share with marketing team on an ongoing basis. This includes matriculation information or any other student success stories.
  • Maintain regular communication with Family Education Advisor(s) to ensure prompt communication with natural parents.
  • Maintain accurate student and host family records in the database such as student arrival, report documentation, stipend payments and host matching.
  • Confirm stipend payments on Student Match List in Harmony on or before the last day of the month each month to ensure timely and accurate payments.
  • Manage a program budget for student events and activities throughout the school year.
  • Work with students to facilitate host family changes and moves when necessary.
  • Serve as first level responder to students in need.
  • Attend team meetings and role trainings as needed.


  • Previous experience in working with adolescents focused on the development of emotional, cultural, and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated expertise and experience with interpersonal problem-solving/conflict resolution/mediation.
  • Bachelor’s degree with 3+ years of experience in: school counseling, psychology, education, human development.
  • Computer literacy in word processing, spreadsheets, and database applications; required.
  • Required to have a car and US driver’s license.
  • Willing to have flexible work hours, including nights and weekends.

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