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School Counselor, School-Based, Upcoming School year, Full-Time, Richmond, CA 94804

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School Counselor, School-Based, Upcoming School year, Full-Time, Richmond, CA 94804
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Richmond,  CA 94804
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Futures Education is seeking a Full Time School Counselor to provide guidance services with our students in the Richmond, CA market area. 

At Futures, our focus is to form positive partnerships with school districts & our staff to help children make appropriate gains towards their academic and functional goals. All of our managers and directors are therapists who have worked in schools as practicing clinicians and are now managing and supporting our teams of therapists nationwide.  When you work with Futures, you will never feel like you are on an island. You’ll have both support and advocacy to help you make a difference in children's lives.


  • Bachelor’s Degree 

  • Pupil Personnel Service (PPS) credential: completed or in progress 

  • Valid driver's license and reliable transportation 

  • Understanding of ACSA Counseling standards 

  • Great communication skills 

  • Excellent knowledge of Google Classrooms (G Suite, Word, Dropbox, excel) 


  • Graduate degree in counseling, MFT 

  • Bilingual (Spanish) 


Knowledge of: 
Principles, methods, techniques, strategies, and trends in educational, social, and emotional adjustment counseling; applicable and appropriate aptitude, interest, and achievement appraisal instruments, techniques, and procedures; social and youth service agencies in the local area; social, emotional, and 
behavioral characteristics of adolescent students; program evaluation and research techniques, strategies, and procedures; appropriate curriculum and instructional programs pertaining to students with a variety of aptitudes and varying interests; and Section 504 Plan and individual education plans. 

Ability to: 
Assist students in effectively analyzing and developing alternative solutions to behavioral, educational, social, and emotional problems and concerns; conduct, analyze, and effectively utilize a variety of individual and group testing procedures and instruments applicable to student clients; effectively deal with site and District personnel, parents, social and youth service agencies in resolving student problems and concerns; effectively participate in the planning and implementation of school guidance and curricular programs; communicate effectively in oral and written form; understand and carry out oral and written directions with minimal accountability controls; establish and maintain effective organizational, public, and community relationships; comply with the District’s customer service standards, as outlined in Board Policy

Futures Education is a unique organization that provides management and clinical staff to schools located in several locations throughout the United States.  First and foremost, we are hands-on practitioners and educators. We are committed to best practices, research, and data-driven decision making that provides authenticity to our work and allows us to provide unparalleled service to our client partners.  

Futures Education is therapist owned and operated, and our mission is to build better lives.  Each day offers a chance for us to improve someone’s life.  Do you want to help make a difference?

For more information on this opportunity contact Jonathan Gray at 949-430-7075 or via email at jonathan.gray@futureshealthjobs.com

Required Skills
Bachelor’s Degree

Pupil Personnel Service (PPS) credential: completed or in progress

Valid driver's license and reliable transportation

Understanding of ACSA Counseling standards

Great communication skills

Excellent knowledge of Google Classrooms (G Suite, Word, Dropbox, excel)


Graduate degree in counseling, MFT

Bilingual (Spanish)