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Account Executive
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The Outside Sales Representative is primarily responsible for selling print service solutions to new targeted accounts (to Marketing executives in the SMB marketplace) on an ongoing basis.  This individual will report directly to the President of the company and will be responsible for meeting a quota each year of new customers, as well as cross-selling/up-selling to existing customers.  This individual will work collaboratively with a team in the sales process, including the Marketing & Communications Manager, Account Manager(s), as well other technical experts from the company who are needed in the sales process.


  • Using all available tools (inbound leads, direct mail, email, social media, and phone calls), reach out to targeted businesses in the SMB marketplace to sell print solutions.  (focus includes but is not limited to the DFW market)
  • Attend networking events and trade shows as appropriate to build a network of relationships and drive more leads.  Be able to demonstrate the value of time and money spent on these events to management.
  • Keep track of all sales & contact activity in the company CRM system.  Be able to demonstrate a track record of regular sales activity with results as well as a projected sales pipeline.
  • Work directly with the Marketing and Communications Manager to ensure the sales lead process is working to drive relevant leads in our target market(s).  Provide regular feedback and recommendations for all marketing to ensure it works to facilitate the sales process.
  • Estimate costs, write sales proposals, and develop contracts in the process of adding new business.
  • Manage the sales process all the way to the end, ensuring that the customer is fully boarded and is completely satisfied with the company’s services. 
  • Stay in touch and involved with all new customers as a focal point of communication with the company in Year 1.   Thereafter, continue to stay in contact with all existing customers for the purpose of cross-selling or up-selling new products and services.
  • Meet or exceed quota of new business each year as determined by the President.
  • Working collaboratively with the President and the Marketing & Communications Manager, develop a specific plan each year for review of how the quota will be met.  Be ready to make needed adjustments throughout the year, communicating regularly all changes being made.


Required Skills

• Minimum of five years of relevant sales experience with a demonstratable track record of success.
• Bachelor’s degree in business or equivalent from a four-year college.
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
• Confidence in selling directly to Marketing Managers and Executives within small to medium-sized companies.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and PowerPoint.
• Proficiency in sales reporting and analytics.
About Us

About Us


We understand that Hiring Managers face several challenges when it comes to finding the right people to achieve internal hiring targets. HR teams spend an excessive amount of time sourcing, screening, qualifying, hiring, and onboarding candidates. Ultimately, the cost of replacing the wrong candidate prevents organizations from meeting their hiring objectives.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the staffing and recruiting industries, New Hire Now provides a strategic vantage point to help our clients achieve growth. We understand that recruiting the best people has a direct impact on the performance objectives of companies and their employees.

The team at New Hire Now has bundled our knowledge into a comprehensive recruitment service, including custom RPO Services, Pre-Employment Services, Talent Search and Recruitment/Hiring Consulting. It is our goal to become an extension of your team, enabling them to focus on enhancing your organization today.

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Our Approach

Our Approach


We believe in being “consultative” rather than “transactional,” guaranteeing a high-quality fill for your organization with consideration to your environment, goals, and needs. Still need more detail on what that means for your business? We mapped out our approach versus the competition below. Check it out.

New Hire Now Other Recruiting Companies
Consultative Transactional
Multidimensional Approach One Dimensional Approach
Proactive Recruitment Reactive Recruitment
Long-Term Value Short-Term Focus
Solutions Based Services Based
Shorter Recruitment Cycle Times Longer Recruitment Cycle Times
Lower Attrition Potential Higher Attrition Risk
Strategic Alignment Conflicting Priorities
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Lack of Analysis

At New Hire Now, we understand that business evolves, which brings a fair share of roadblocks. We do not abandon traditional methodology, but instead combine proven concepts with new ones to bring forth the most innovative approach to meet your business growth objectives. Enhancing your strategic efforts, improving your efficiency, and increasing your employee engagement all come together seamlessly. Our optimized recruiting systems and methods adapt to your talent needs, searching through a pool of high-quality candidates to fill your key roles.

Getting your business ahead is about more than high-tech programs and fancy ad-ons, it’s about providing customized services for a timeless result. Our recruiters are focused on technical and soft skills for successful hires, providing guidance throughout the various stages of talent acquisition.


New Hire Now understands candidate’s motives and behaviors in choosing an employer. In the short-term, that means that every candidate receives a strategic recruiter to guide them through their employment journey, while we take into consideration the candidate’s wants, needs, and goals. Over time, that means our fills are more successful and more holistic than the competition.

Every candidate has choices and priorities, too. That’s why our team addresses the key employment concerns that motivate you, no matter who you are:

Candidate Clients Employees
Pay Pay & Benefits Pay & Benefits
Benefits Performance Environment
Environment Talent Acquisition Recognition
Career Advancement Environment Career Advancement
Location Incentives & Recognition Location
Career Advancement


  • Company Brand Integration
  • Standardized Hiring Process
  • Cost-Effective and Technology-Driven Solutions


A RPO solution allows an organization to fully or partially transfer the recruitment and hiring process of all areas within the company. In this model, the solution provider is accountable for meeting the company’s recruitment and hiring needs within budgetary and delivery expectations, while working within the framework of a quality-driven customized program. The RPO solution allows clients to shift the traditional fixed costs of recruitment and hiring to variable costs, while becoming an extension of your brand’s identity. Results from RPO Services include better management of workforce-to-workload, improved overall performance, and reduced labor costs.

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  • Market and Salary Analysis
  • Job Description Analysis
  • Employee Lifecycle Assessment and Training
  • Client Environment Review

Recruitment/Hiring Consulting

A consultative review addresses the needs of your organization at its core and applies those to your talent needs. By conducting various analyses and developing a holistic understanding of your business, our fills align with your goals, your market, and your unique company culture. We provide integrated support from day one, establishing the tools and timelines required for optimum success with continuously updated data and reports. We even go a step further to optimize your entire employee lifecycle, offering tailored assessments of your recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and more.

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  • Job Description and Market Compensation Analysis
  • Sourcing & Screening of Candidates and Submissions
  • Skill and Behavioral Testing

Talent Search

Finding your ideal candidate can been like finding a needle in an online haystack, but not anymore. With the resources and tools used by our recruiting professionals, we hone in on candidates with efficiency and accuracy, so that you can be satisfied the first time around. That accuracy means less time spent with the wrong fills, and more time cultivating your organization’s goals and growth. Beyond your job requirements, we seek to learn about candidates’ overall skills and employment needs, so that we can ensure all parties achieve long-term satisfaction.

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  • Background and Drug Testing
  • Credential and Educational Verification
  • Credit Check


Before you put pen to paper and sign off on an employment offer, you want to have a full picture of who will be entering your company, influencing your team, and representing your organization. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and that’s why New Hire Now offers services that dig deeper into your candidate’s background and qualifications. We will get to know your candidate beyond the surface level, so that no surprises can arise down the road, because every employer deserves peace of mind.

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