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Interim Chief Compliance Officer (Contract)

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Interim Chief Compliance Officer (Contract)
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Augusta,  GA
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About the Role

As the Interim Chief Compliance Officer, you will be responsible for the creation, oversight, and operations of the Compliance and Ethics, Privacy, and Enterprise-Wide Risk Management programs. 

The Ideal Candidate

The Interim Chief Compliance Officer also serves as the Research Integrity Officer and will help ensure that the affairs of the company are conducted in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws.  In addition, you will assist in promoting a culture of compliance and ethics, while maintaining a focus on customer service and process improvement.

The Interim Chief Compliance Officer will report to the Interim Vice President, Compliance, Audit, Risk Management & Ethics. The Interim Chief Compliance Officer will also work closely with the Chairman of the Audit Committees. Additionally, 

  • Create, articulate and operate the Compliance and Ethics Program and Risk Program. Constantly scan the horizon, ensuring the company is kept current and compliant with emerging, applicable federal and state legislation, adjusting and amending the Compliance and Ethics Program as appropriate.
  • Ensure the Compliance and Ethics Program and the Risk Program plans and operations are appropriately communicated to the board of directors, executive compliance and ethics committee and Executive Leadership as identified in the Compliance and Ethics Program and the Risk Program.
  • Coordinate the Compliance, Ethics and Risk Management Steering committees, ensuring that it actively fosters discussion, prioritize areas for further investigation and/or audit and conducts follow-up monitoring of compliance initiatives.
  • Maintain collaborative relationships with executives, legal counsel, and management in finance, HIM, laboratory, Human Resources and Information Services, Office of Human Protections, Human Assurance Committee, and all faculty practice plans to effectively minimize compliance risks in these important compliance areas.
  • Develop and coordinate multifaceted educational and training programs that focus on the elements of the Compliance and Ethics Program and Risk Program, and ensure that employees are knowledgeable of pertinent federal and state regulatory standards.
  • Conduct and respond, in conjunction with legal counsel, to investigations and/or information requests initiated externally by both state and federal government agencies as well as non-governmental agencies, such as third-party payers.  Determine and carry out the appropriate action.
  • Proactively monitor the extent to which activities are conducted in conformance with applicable standards.  Conducts internal investigations to respond to internal reports of problems or suspected violations.  Monitor resulting corrective action, if any, with affected areas.
  • Monitor the compliance hotline.  Ensure employees are able to report suspected fraud and other improprieties without fear of retribution.  Appropriately investigate, resolve and document hotline calls, or coordinate the investigation or resolution of calls that are more appropriately handled in other areas, such as Human Resources.
  • Coordinate with Human Resources to ensure the following activities are accomplished:
    • Review OIG cumulative sanctions reports prior to hiring an employee, and bi-annually thereafter.
    • Conduct annual training and education on company code of conduct, including general orientation.
    • Include compliance, privacy, and risk training on the performance evaluations.
    • Consistently apply appropriate disciplinary actions to all employees for failure to comply with corporate compliance standards and procedures.
  • Direct and monitor the compliance program through a matrix reporting relationship with Executive Leadership and designated governing bodies.
  • Develop and implement regular and effective education and training programs for all affected employees.
  • Maintain processes and access points, such as a hotline, to receive complaints.  Adopt procedures to protect the anonymity of complainants and to protect whistleblowers from retaliation.
  • Develop a system to respond to allegations of improper/illegal activities and the enforcement of appropriate disciplinary action against the employee who has violated internal compliance policies, applicable statutes, regulations or Federal health care program requirements.
  • Utilize audits and/or other evaluation techniques to monitor compliance and to assist in the reduction of identified problem areas.
  • Investigate and remediate identified systemic problems.  Develop policies addressing the non-employment or retention of sanctioned individuals.
  • Develop and monitor Risk Policies and ensure that Major Risk as defined by the USG Board of Regents Risk Management Policy is appropriately reported to the Executive Leadership and governing bodies. 
  • Ensure Significant Risks are defined by the USG Board of Regents Risk Management Policy are appropriately communicated to the USG.
  • Conduct Compliance risk assessments and implement a set of risk metrics and reports, including losses and incidents, key risk exposures, and early warning indications.
  • Establish an integrated risk management framework for all aspects of risks across the company and the Risk Program plans and addresses specific areas of potential fraud.
  • Develop and oversee the enterprise HIPAA and Privacy programs which will be led by a HIPAA and Privacy Official.  The HIPAA and Privacy Official will have a direct reporting relationship to the Chief Integrity Officer.
  • Develop and distribute written standards of conduct, as well as written policies and procedures that promote the company’s commitment to compliance and the Compliance and Ethics Program.
  • Provide overall leadership, vision, and direction for enterprise risk management.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in healthcare compliance with a minimum of 3 years of experience in a healthcare leadership role with an emphasis on the implementation of a comprehensive compliance program for a University with an academic medical center
  • Excellent Project Management & Control experience.
  • Advanced knowledge of regulatory compliance in areas such as HIPAA regulations, medical/clinical records management, conflicts of interest, exports control and privacy and confidentiality requirements for clinical research.
  • Able to travel up to 60%
  • Must have a valid driver license with a clean driving record and ability to rent a vehicle

Even better if you have:

  • Juris Doctorate or Master’s Degree preferred
  • Prior experience with organizations that perform research
  • Prior experience in Academic and Regulatory compliance
  • Budgeting and financial management experience at the college or university level.
  • Stark and Anti-kickback Laws
  • Additional Certifications such as a(n) CHC, CCEP, HCISPP or similar field of study

About CynergisTek

CynergisTek is a top-ranked cybersecurity and information management consulting firm dedicated to serving the healthcare industry. CynergisTek offers specialized services and solutions to help organizations achieve privacy, security, compliance, and document output goals. Since 2004, the company has served as a partner to hundreds of healthcare organizations and is dedicated to supporting and educating the industry by contributing to relevant industry associations.

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