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Procurement Manager

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Procurement Manager
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Sefner,  FL 33584
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(noun) an elusive worker, rare for its special combination of skill and experience, work ethic and cultural adaptation. 2: (noun) an organization specializing in placing legendary talent. Rare for its special combination of knowledge and focus, it’s vast network and commitment to service. 3: (verb) a job well done, exceeding all expectations and mythical in its results. [example], Man, you TalentYetied that project. I’ve never seen anything like that—you’re going to be a legend in these parts. First recorded, 2017; Jacksonville, Florida.

Our client, a nationwide employer, has the following direct hire opportunity available.

As the IT Procurement Manager, responsibilities include: Managing activities in the information technology procurement function. Ensuring products and services purchased are in the most cost efficient and timely manner. Evaluating contracts and vendors. Making final decisions regarding suppliers. Serving as a mediator during disputes between vendors and IT staff. May be giving input into budgeting. Providing input on strategic IT-related decisions.


Requirements: Bachelor's degree 3+ years of managerial experience

*** Third party candidates will not be considered at this time***

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