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Lead Full Stack Developer

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Lead Full Stack Developer
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Jacksonville ,  FL 32082
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/ Tal-ent-yet-i /

(noun) an elusive worker, rare for its special combination of skill and experience, work ethic and cultural adaptation. 2: (noun) an organization specializing in placing legendary talent. Rare for its special combination of knowledge and focus, it’s vast network and commitment to service. 3: (verb) a job well done, exceeding all expectations and mythical in its results. [example], Man, you TalentYetied that project. I’ve never seen anything like that—you’re going to be a legend in these parts. 
First recorded, 2017; Jacksonville, Florida.


Are you tired of working on code that was written 10 years ago?  Are you fed up with maintaining an outdated platform?  Would you like to work on cool projects with talented developers using leading-edge technology?  Do you like Chicken Nuggets?

Our client, located in Jacksonville Beach has a robust and growing technology stack that requires dedicated and competent developers to maintain, improve, and grow their current organizational structure.  This company recognizes that developers are a vital part of the business as they build the core product and communicate workflows to other team members.  If you're energetic, competent, and self-motivated; we would love to introduce you to this growing company for a direct hire full-time position.

General Description:

  • Corroboration with lead developers to make infrastructural improvements
  • Analyze code architecture and abstract redundant components to reusable modules to increase stability and ease the burden on other developers within the organization
  • Write clean and legible code with comments that will enable deterministic workflows and extensible customization
  • Build development tools and frameworks that will aid in the development of new integrations
  • Integrate with 3rd party endpoints (REST, SOAP, FTP )
  • Mentor less experienced developers, perform code reviews, and suggest improvements/procedures

Requirements :

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Software Engineering
  •  Experience working in a professional development environment with Java
  •  Leadership in the development of past professional projects 
  •  Efficient and organized with the ability to juggle and prioritize multiple tasks
  • Technical Concepts that should be understood :  ○ SQL - efficient/complex queries, indices, & data model ○ Dependency Injection ○ Unit Testing (JUnit, Mockito) ○ Dependency Management (Maven, Gradle) ○  Abstracting code structurally (DRY programming) ○ I/O, Network, and DB bottlenecks ○ Big(O) - Memory and Time complexities ○ Git (branching & handling merge conflicts) ○ Deployment concepts 
  •  Experience with the following frameworks / technical areas: ○ Spring  ○ JPA, Hibernate ○ Redis and/or Memcached 
  •  Experience with the following is preferred, but not required ○ Angular and/or Vue ○ SOLR and/or MongoDB ○ Quartz (job scheduling) ○ AWS and/or Cloud Hosting ○ Firewalls (Whitelisting / Blacklisting ports and IPs)




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