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Epi Reactor Operator

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Epi Reactor Operator
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SUMMARY:   Sets up and operates computer-controlled epitaxial reactors to grow a layer of semiconductor material on the wafer surface. Operates, controls and monitors all wafer cleaning and measurement equipment. Packages and labels wafer cassettes and other misc. duties as described. These functions are accomplished by performing the following duties:


Includes the following but not limited to:

Operates epi reactors, such as ASM and LPE (both batch and single wafer tools).

Troubleshoots process problems and performs simple maintenance tasks on reactors – consults with F&M techs, as required.

Performs process measurements of resistivity and thickness through the use of metrology equipment.

Responsible for monitoring and providing feedback for improvements of SPC, OCAP development, and continuous improvement of these systems.

Participates in work teams (shifts) to resolve problems and improve systems.

Performs equipment set-up verification at the beginning of product runs.

Responsible for tracking reactor yield, trouble shooting cause for scrap, taking the necessary steps to notify and involve the support team in the implementation of change. 

Operates all wafer and cassette cleaning equipment.

Operates Tencor Surfscan particle measurement, ADE flatness tools, Lasermark, cleanroom packaging and labeling equipment.

Performs all final inspection and packaging - once qualified.

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