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Production Planner

Job Title
Production Planner
Lancaster,  CA 93534
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Job Description:

1. Establish production plan according to the sales order demand and based on available resources of the factory, including annually, monthly weekly and daily plan.

  • Knowledge of sales order requirement: quantity, delivery time and other special requirements.

  • Knowledge of plant resource based on sales order: manpower, machine, materials, methods, and environment.

2. Push and ensure the production is executed according to the plan. 

  • Monitor and track the production on floor daily, know about status of all buses.

  • Have a knowledge of coach and bus manufacturing process and job duty of each department.

  • Identify the issues of production and coordinate the right resource to push production efficiently.

3. Analyze actual delivery status and generate daily / weekly / monthly/ quarterly / annually analysis report to the management. Find out production bottle neck, take the initiative to come up with efficient solution and push relevant parties to support.

4. Keep constant communication with all departments (SALES/PROJECT MANAGEMENT, DESIGN, PROCESSING, QUALITY, WAREHOUSE, MATERIAL CONTROL) and production workshops. Know about milestones of all sales order, play a critical role in pushing delivery plan achievement.


  1. Quick minded and critical thinking.

  2. Good sense of responsibility.

  3. Have experience of production management in manufacturing industry.

  4. Engineering background is preferred.

  5. Good skills in excel sheet and Microsoft tools.

Work environment:

  1. Most of the time will be spent on floor of production.