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Daily Message

BrightMove Release 18.4.0 Notes

Live 4/4/20. For additional details, video tutorial, and screen grabs, please visit our User Manual. 

BrightFlow Dashboard Enhancements

  • Added the company and manager for each job in this view. These are also clickable to view the client or manager profile. 
  • Updated the existing Job Filter to include the ability to search by location (City or State), job ID, client name, and manager name. The filter previously could only search by job name which is still available. 
  • Added the ability to filter All Open Jobs by recruiter. You can select from any number of recruiters listed on your account using the new recruiter filter. Be sure to click the Refresh button to see the updated list. 
  • Added a total row for each swimlane. This updates in real time as you filter results. It is also sortable by the numerical value in each lane by either ascending or descending value.

Visual Updates

We are continuing the update the visuals and behind the scenes functionality of our software. This release has included updates to the below sections of BrightMove. 

Import Candidate XLS File

The instructions and upload/folder selection has now been split out. 

Import Manager XLS File

The instructions and upload/folder selection has now been split out. 

Export Data

All stages of the data export process have been updated. 

AdHoc Report Enhancements

  • We have added in additional options to sort your reports by including Not Equal, Is Not Null, and Is Null. Now you can quickly locate any missing data in your system. 
  • We also added the option of sending a scheduled Ad Hoc report to multiple recipients automatically. Please note, the contact must be a recruiter in your BrightMove system to appear on the list of recipients. 

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