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Electronics Lab Tech (Part-Time)

Job Title
Electronics Lab Tech (Part-Time)
Job ID
Plymouth,  MI 48170
Other Location


  • Support Electrical Engineers on project bench/lab testing by running defined tests and lead debug/trouble shooting activities.
  • Support electrical testing with hardware modifications – solder/desolder components and conduct testing boards with new components to identify electrical performance changes.
  • Review and understand test specifications to ensure component testing to meet test specification needs and performance as per engineer’s direction
  • Able to use dataloggers for voltage/current/temperature (Graphtex) to record data for test conditions and plot out data and present findings.
  • Able to program and run thermal ovens for thermal testing of electrical lamps/modules and acquire data external to chamber with data logger.
  • Help maintain laboratory workspace.  Organize lab supplies and equipment.  Assist in calibration and correlation studies.   Develop new methods for more efficient testing and analysis.
  • Knowledge of CAN/LIN for flashing modules and changing parameters for evaluation of parameter changes and their effect on lamp performance.
  • Help engineers to create wire harnesses, solder, desolder, assemble lamps, inspect parts, ship parts, attach/make themocouples and modify electronics as directed.
  • Able to fabricate test boxes with creation of BOM and order components
  • Lead building of bread boards, test setups, lamps, hardware and fitting them with harnesses and thermocouples to record data.
  • Able to help on EMC noise analysis in a small EMC benchtop chamber.


  • Minimum 2-3 years of experience in automotive development or laboratory work and engineers can train technician on tasks listed


  • AS degree or certification preferred, but not required.  Engineers can also help train technician as needed but need technician on difficult items but need the technician to be self motivated and to run with projects with minimal support.


  • Experience in automotive electronics specifically exterior Lighting Lamps
  • Understands CAN and LIN flashing and pulling LIN/CAN data from modules or lamps
  • Must have strong PC computer skills.
  • Experience with validation and testing equipment.
  • Able to read schematics and diagnose electrical failures
  • Strong skills with Oscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, Basic EMC testing at bench level
  • Must have good communication skills and work well with people
  • Must be able to learn quickly and communicate ideas to peers and management.

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