Diesel Technician

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Diesel Technician
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Nashville,  TN 37210
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~~• Diagnostics on Ambulance but limited.( no pin point skills )
• Must be able to repair all a/c systems. Includes using the a/c machine
• For Diagnostics and recovery. That includes replacing parts, flushing,
• Restoring the 134a Freon, and testing.
• Must be able to change all engine components including (water pump, alternator,
• Power steering pump, A/C compressor, vacuum pump, belt pulleys, belt tensioner
• E G R and all Pressure and sensor switches. Including 6.0L Diesel Engines.
• Must be able to replace Brake master cylinder and bleed brake system.
• Must be able to replace Brake power booster.
• Must be able to replace power steering gear box and pressure lines.
• Must be able to replace fuel injectors in all units.
• Must be able to repair electrical problems in all ambulance/units including the
   rear of the ambulance
• Must be able to repair Sirens and E-lights.


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