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Servicing Coordinator

Job Title
Servicing Coordinator
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Austin,  TX 78759
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Servicing Coordinator
Accounting | Loan Servicing | Reporting
Noble Capital, one of Texas’s top Real Estate Investment Companies, currently specializing in Residential Investment Real Estate in the major Texas markets is seeking a Servicing Coordinator (SC). Enjoy working in a friendly and dynamic environment that offers competitive salaries, incentive plans and benefits.
In addition to personally managing the reactive day to day tasks involved in managing and personally executing on the company’s investment servicing functions, the SC will be responsible for proactively mastering the understanding of the needs of the company, meeting those needs & implementing SOP’s for the permanent consistent management of those needs.   As the SC for the Loan Servicing Division, your top priorities will be to manage and personally handle the day to day workflow of the Loan Servicing Operations, and personally interact with the company’s most valued client relationships (our Borrowers/ Investors/ Lenders).  The SC will work alongside and in full cooperation with several colleagues including the “Funding Coordinator” & “Loan Coordinator” to accomplish the division’s objectives as a team.  The SC will report directly to the Chief Financial Officer. This is a not a entry level position, and this person will be expected to have the  high level professional and executive skills that are vital to thrive in a professional investment banking environment. Candidates must possess proven worth ethic & professional skills, proven organizational skills and strong relational skills.  A composition of the main job descriptions for this position is listed below.
General Loan Servicing Functions:
  • Software Power User – Becoming an expert at managing the companies Mortgage Servicing Software, “Mortgage Care”.  This will include a series of in-house and external trainings which will quickly get the SC ramped up to the “Power User” status
  • Internal Reporting:
  • Loan Portfolio Performance: Managing key metrics which will measure the success of the loan portfolio.  Implementing new techniques, processes & tools which will increase the overall efficiencies and returns on the Portfolio. 
Accounting Functions:
  • Accounts Receivable: Receiving and processing monthly loan payments & quarterly real estate payments from Borrowers/ Entities Clients.
  • Accounts Payable: Processing periodic, monthly & quarterly payments to clients, vendors.
  • Reconciliation: Reconciling accounts on a monthly basis and working closely with the company’s accounting department to maintain controls and accuracy in accounting.  
  • Monthly/ Quarterly Distribution/ Reporting: Preparing and sending monthly, quarterly & annual distributions & reports to Clients. 
Loan Servicing Operations:
  • Loan Servicing: Responsible for management and day to day work-flow of all loan-servicing functions in order to effectively service the company’s Hard Money loan portfolio.  This includes utilization of loan servicing software (Mortgage Care), management of policy and controls, and high-level internal and external communications.
  • Day to Day Servicing: Payment invoicing/ processing, setting up new loans, loan payoffs, insurance tracking, property tax tracking, draw/ interest payment, advances, collections & several other functions. 
  • Defaults: Responsible for the management of monetary and non-monetary defaults that occur within the fund.  Responsible for high-level communication with internal and external parties that play integral roles in the management of defaults.  Engaging Noble’s external Counsel to carry out default demand letters & foreclosure proceedings.
  • Year End/ Tax Reporting to Investors: Responsible for managing year end report & tax reporting to investors including 1099 statements, K1 statements, & annual reports of each fund performance. 
Client Relations (Lenders, Borrower):
  • Service Point of Contact: Responsible for being on of the key “points of contact” for Borrower/ Lender/ Investor Clients.  The SC will provide friendly and consistent service to our valued client relationships.  
  • Pre-emptive Customer Service: Responsible for periodic phone calls “check-ins” with clients to ensure that they are happy with Noble Capital’s overall performance.  The SC will look for opportunities to pre-empt problems before they arise, keeping their “finger on the pulse” of Noble’s Clients Relations.
  • Troubleshooting/ Problem Solving: Responsible for aggressively taking on problems as they arise.  The SC will solve the immediate problem at hand, and then work closely with senior management to put permanent solutions, SOP’s, and protocols in place to prevent the problems from arising in the future.
  • Reporting to Clients: Responsible for managing comprehensive reporting requirements which will be one of the highest regarded competitive advantages for the company.  The SC will provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports such as, default updates, monthly statements, quarterly statements, periodic updates, and annual reports.  All the reporting goes out to investors via UPS Mail, Email, or via verbal communication (which is best sometimes) over the phone.  
  • High School diploma or equilvaent is required; Bachelor's degree preferred in Finance/ Real Estate/ Business Administration
  • 3+ years of several or a combination of the following; Loan Servicing, Servicing/ Reporting, Accounting, High Level Customer Service, Commercial Investment Real Estate Exposure and Admin for Real Estate Investment Banking/ Brokerage. 
  • Mortage Care Software – Experience with the software is a major plus.
  • High proficiency in the use of MS Office Suite programs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, & CRM’s.
  • Working knowledge of databases and online sharing systems.
  • Excellent organization skills to create and maintain an ordered work environment.
  • Possess the ability to handle a multitude of projects simultaneously.
  • Strong Experience in planning, coordinating, managing and executing strong deadlines.
  • Proven Accounting, Reporting, and Professional Client Management Skills a must.