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What’s our goal? Simply to be the best value in the industry. A brand where that great value also means great service! The only way our team can climb to the top, and stay there, is by bringing the best talent on board. So take a look around! We are always looking for individuals who have the passion, drive and determination to go above and beyond. Are you ready to switch gears? Do you see an open road ahead of you? Grab the wheel and explore some of our current opportunities…Advantage/EZ Rent A Car just might be the next destination on your road map!


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Corporate Office

Maybe you’re an IT geek or a finance jock. Maybe “driving” the business from behind a desk is your thing. Or maybe, you just like being a behind-the-scenes guy or gal. If you’re looking to play an integral role in keeping the “engines running” in departments like Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, IT, Rate Management, Risk or Operations, a position with our corporate team may be the perfect gig for you.

Field Location

Let’s talk numbers. 30,000 – is the number of vehicles in our combined fleet. 75 – is the combined number of counters our teams operate. As both of those numbers continue to grow, we need talented location management, rental agents and customer focused support staff to help us grow the business. Is that you? Own the performance of the counter, the team, the fleet and ultimately the brand!