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##############   NEW ERROR ####################
#####   BaseAction Exception Dump   ###########

Error Time: Jan 20, 2021, 2:03:30 PM

Exception: Could not open JPA EntityManager for transaction; nested exception is javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not open connection
Could not open JPA EntityManager for transaction; nested exception is javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.exception.GenericJDBCException: Could not open connection

Company not found in session.
User not found in session.
--- Request Attributes ---
org.apache.struts.action.MESSAGE: org.apache.struts.util.PropertyMessageResources@1cc9f3d2
org.apache.struts.action.mapping.instance: ActionConfig[cancellable=false,path=/SearchPublicRequirements,validate=false,name=PublicRequirementSearchForm,scope=request,type=com.brightmove.ats.portal.action.SearchPublicRequirementsAction
org.apache.struts.action.MODULE: org.apache.struts.config.impl.ModuleConfigImpl@cd91ea0
alState: [LabelValueBean [label=, value=-1], LabelValueBean [label=AG, value=1276], LabelValueBean [label=AL, value=1277], LabelValueBean [label=AN, value=1278], LabelValueBean [label=AO, value=1279], LabelValueBean [label=AR, value=1282], LabelValueBean [label=AP, value=1280], LabelValueBean [label=AT, value=1283], LabelValueBean [label=AV, value=1284], LabelValueBean [label=BA, value=1285], LabelValueBean [label=BT, value=1293], LabelValueBean [label=BL, value=1288], LabelValueBean [label=BN, value=1289], LabelValueBean [label=BG, value=1286], LabelValueBean [label=BI, value=1287], LabelValueBean [label=BO, value=1290], LabelValueBean [label=BZ, value=1294], LabelValueBean [label=BS, value=1292], LabelValueBean [label=BR, value=1291], LabelValueBean [label=CA, value=1295], LabelValueBean [label=CL, value=1300], LabelValueBean [label=CB, value=1296], LabelValueBean [label=CI, value=1299], LabelValueBean [label=CE, value=1297], LabelValueBean [label=CT, value=1305], LabelValueBean [label=CZ, value=1306], LabelValueBean [label=CH, value=1298], LabelValueBean [label=CO, value=1302], LabelValueBean [label=CS, value=1304], LabelValueBean [label=CR, value=1303], LabelValueBean [label=KR, value=1319], LabelValueBean [label=CN, value=1301], LabelValueBean [label=EN, value=1307], LabelValueBean [label=FM, value=1311], LabelValueBean [label=FE, value=1308], LabelValueBean [label=FI, value=1310], LabelValueBean [label=FG, value=1309], LabelValueBean [label=FO, value=1312], LabelValueBean [label=FR, value=1313], LabelValueBean [label=GE, value=1314], LabelValueBean [label=GO, value=1315], LabelValueBean [label=GR, value=1316], LabelValueBean [label=IM, value=1317], LabelValueBean [label=IS, value=1318], LabelValueBean [label=AQ, value=1281], LabelValueBean [label=SP, value=1365], LabelValueBean [label=LT, value=1324], LabelValueBean [label=LE, value=1321], LabelValueBean [label=LC, value=1320], LabelValueBean [label=LI, value=1322], LabelValueBean [label=LO, value=1323], LabelValueBean [label=LU, value=1325], LabelValueBean [label=MC, value=1326], LabelValueBean [label=MN, value=1330], LabelValueBean [label=MS, value=1332], LabelValueBean [label=MT, value=1333], LabelValueBean [label=MD, value=1327], LabelValueBean [label=ME, value=1328], LabelValueBean [label=MI, value=1329], LabelValueBean [label=MO, value=1331], LabelValueBean [label=MZ, value=1334], LabelValueBean [label=NA, value=1335], LabelValueBean [label=NO, value=1336], LabelValueBean [label=NU, value=1337], LabelValueBean [label=OG, value=1338], LabelValueBean [label=OT, value=1340], LabelValueBean [label=OR, value=1339], LabelValueBean [label=PD, value=1343], LabelValueBean [label=PA, value=1341], LabelValueBean [label=PR, value=1349], LabelValueBean [label=PV, value=1352], LabelValueBean [label=PG, value=1345], LabelValueBean [label=PS, value=1350], LabelValueBean [label=PE, value=1344], LabelValueBean [label=PC, value=1342], LabelValueBean [label=PI, value=1346], LabelValueBean [label=PT, value=1351], LabelValueBean [label=PN, value=1347], LabelValueBean [label=PZ, value=1353], LabelValueBean [label=PO, value=1348], LabelValueBean [label=RG, value=1357], LabelValueBean [label=RA, value=1354], LabelValueBean [label=RC, value=1355], LabelValueBean [label=RE, value=1356], LabelValueBean [label=RI, value=1358], LabelValueBean [label=RN, value=1360], LabelValueBean [label=RM, value=1359], LabelValueBean [label=RO, value=1361], LabelValueBean [label=SA, value=1362], LabelValueBean [label=SS, value=1367], LabelValueBean [label=SV, value=1368], LabelValueBean [label=SI, value=1363], LabelValueBean [label=SR, value=1366], LabelValueBean [label=SO, value=1364], LabelValueBean [label=TA, value=1369], LabelValueBean [label=TE, value=1370], LabelValueBean [label=TR, value=1374], LabelValueBean [label=TO, value=1372], LabelValueBean [label=TP, value=1373], LabelValueBean [label=TN, value=1371], LabelValueBean [label=TV, value=1376], LabelValueBean [label=TS, value=1375], LabelValueBean [label=UD, value=1377], LabelValueBean [label=VA, value=1378], LabelValueBean [label=VE, value=1381], LabelValueBean [label=VB, value=1379], LabelValueBean [label=VC, value=1380], LabelValueBean [label=VR, value=1383], LabelValueBean [label=VV, value=1385], LabelValueBean [label=VI, value=1382], LabelValueBean [label=VT, value=1384], LabelValueBean [label=US - AL, value=2], LabelValueBean [label=US - AK, value=1], LabelValueBean [label=US - AZ, value=4], LabelValueBean [label=US - AR, value=3], LabelValueBean [label=US - CA, value=5], LabelValueBean [label=US - CO, value=6], LabelValueBean [label=US - CT, value=7], LabelValueBean [label=US - DE, value=8], LabelValueBean [label=US - DC, value=52], LabelValueBean [label=US - FL, value=9], LabelValueBean [label=US - GA, value=10], LabelValueBean [label=US - HI, value=11], LabelValueBean [label=US - ID, value=13], LabelValueBean [label=US - IL, value=14], LabelValueBean [label=US - IN, value=15], LabelValueBean [label=US - IA, value=12], LabelValueBean [label=US - KS, value=16], LabelValueBean [label=US - KY, value=17], LabelValueBean [label=US - LA, value=18], LabelValueBean [label=US - ME, value=21], LabelValueBean [label=US - MD, value=20], LabelValueBean [label=US - MA, value=19], LabelValueBean [label=US - MI, value=22], LabelValueBean [label=US - MN, value=23], LabelValueBean [label=US - MS, value=25], LabelValueBean [label=US - MO, value=24], LabelValueBean [label=US - MT, value=26], LabelValueBean [label=US - NE, value=29], LabelValueBean [label=US - NV, value=33], LabelValueBean [label=US - NH, value=30], LabelValueBean [label=US - NJ, value=31], LabelValueBean [label=US - NM, value=32], LabelValueBean [label=US - NY, value=34], LabelValueBean [label=US - NC, value=27], LabelValueBean [label=US - ND, value=28], LabelValueBean [label=US - OH, value=35], LabelValueBean [label=US - OK, value=36], LabelValueBean [label=US - OR, value=37], LabelValueBean [label=US - PA, value=38], LabelValueBean [label=US - PR, value=39], LabelValueBean [label=US - RI, value=40], LabelValueBean [label=US - SC, value=41], LabelValueBean [label=US - SD, value=42], LabelValueBean [label=US - TN, value=43], LabelValueBean [label=US - TX, value=44], LabelValueBean [label=US - UT, value=45], LabelValueBean [label=US - VT, value=47], LabelValueBean [label=US - VI, value=5041], LabelValueBean [label=US - VA, value=46], LabelValueBean [label=US - WA, value=48], LabelValueBean [label=US - WV, value=50], LabelValueBean [label=US - WI, value=49], LabelValueBean [label=US - WY, value=51], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Aberdeen C, value=4404], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Aberdeensh, value=3110], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Adur, value=4405], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Allerdale, value=4406], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Amber Vall, value=4407], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Angus, value=3112], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Antrim, value=3114], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ards, value=4408], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Argyll and, value=4409], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Armagh, value=3117], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Arun, value=4410], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ashfield, value=4411], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ashford, value=4412], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Aylesbury, value=4413], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Babergh, value=4414], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ballymena, value=4415], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ballymoney, value=4416], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Banbridge, value=4417], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Barking an, value=4418], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Barnet, value=4419], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Barnsley, value=4420], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Barrow-in-, value=4421], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Basildon, value=4422], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Basingstok, value=4423], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bassetlaw, value=4424], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bath and N, value=4425], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bedford, value=4426], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Belfast, value=4427], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bexley, value=4428], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Birmingham, value=4429], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Blaby, value=4430], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Blackburn, value=4431], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Blackpool, value=4432], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Blaenau Gw, value=4433], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bolsover, value=4434], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bolton, value=4435], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Boston, value=4436], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bournemout, value=4437], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bracknell, value=4438], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bradford, value=4439], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Braintree, value=4440], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Breckland, value=4441], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Brent, value=4442], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Brentwood, value=4443], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bridgend, value=4444], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Brighton a, value=4445], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bristol, C, value=4446], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Broadland, value=4447], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bromley, value=4448], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bromsgrove, value=4449], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Broxbourne, value=4450], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Broxtowe, value=4451], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Buckingham, value=3124], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Burnley, value=4452], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Bury, value=4453], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Caerphilly, value=4454], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Calderdale, value=4455], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cambridge, value=4456], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cambridges, value=3128], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Camden, value=4457], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cannock Ch, value=4458], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Canterbury, value=4459], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cardiff, value=4460], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Carlisle, value=4461], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Carmarthen, value=3130], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Carrickfer, value=4462], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Castle Poi, value=4463], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Castlereag, value=4464], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Central Be, value=4465], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ceredigion, value=4466], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Charnwood, value=4467], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Chelmsford, value=4468], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cheltenham, value=4469], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cherwell, value=4470], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cheshire E, value=4471], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cheshire W, value=4472], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Chesterfie, value=4473], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Chichester, value=4474], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Chiltern, value=4475], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Chorley, value=4476], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Christchur, value=4477], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Clackmanna, value=3132], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Colchester, value=4479], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Coleraine, value=4480], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Conwy, value=4481], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cookstown, value=4482], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Copeland, value=4483], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Corby, value=4484], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cornwall, value=3134], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cotswold, value=4485], LabelValueBean [label=GB - County Dur, value=4486], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Coventry, value=4487], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Craigavon, value=4488], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Craven, value=4489], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Crawley, value=4490], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Croydon, value=4491], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Cumbria, value=4492], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Dacorum, value=4493], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Darlington, value=4494], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Dartford, value=4495], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Daventry, value=4496], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Denbighshi, value=3138], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Derby, value=4497], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Derbyshire, value=3139], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Derbyshire, value=4498], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Derry City, value=4499], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Devon, value=3140], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Doncaster, value=4500], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Dorset, value=3141], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Dover, value=4501], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Down, value=3142], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Dudley, value=4502], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Dumfries a, value=4503], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Dundee Cit, value=4504], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Dungannon, value=4505], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ealing, value=4506], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Ayrsh, value=4507], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Cambr, value=4508], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Devon, value=4509], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Dorse, value=4510], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Dunba, value=4511], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Hamps, value=4512], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Hertf, value=4513], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Linds, value=4514], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Lothi, value=3147], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East North, value=4515], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Renfr, value=4516], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Ridin, value=4517], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Staff, value=4518], LabelValueBean [label=GB - East Susse, value=4519], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Eastbourne, value=4520], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Eastleigh, value=4521], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Eden, value=4522], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Edinburgh, value=4523], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Eilean Sia, value=4524], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Elmbridge, value=4525], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Enfield, value=4526], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Epping For, value=4527], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Epsom and, value=4528], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Erewash, value=4529], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Essex, value=3148], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Exeter, value=4530], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Falkirk, value=4531], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Fareham, value=4532], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Fenland, value=4533], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Fermanagh, value=3149], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Fife, value=3150], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Flintshire, value=3151], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Forest Hea, value=4534], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Forest of, value=4535], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Fylde, value=4536], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Gateshead, value=4537], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Gedling, value=4538], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Glasgow Ci, value=4539], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Gloucester, value=4540], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Gloucester, value=3153], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Gosport, value=4541], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Gravesham, value=4542], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Great Yarm, value=4543], LabelValueBean [label=GB - London, value=3170], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Greater Ma, value=4790], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Greenwich, value=4544], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Guildford, value=4545], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Gwynedd, value=3155], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hackney, value=4546], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Halton, value=4547], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hambleton, value=4548], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hammersmit, value=4549], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hampshire, value=3157], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Harborough, value=4550], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Haringey, value=4551], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Harlow, value=4552], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Harrogate, value=4553], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Harrow, value=4554], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hart, value=4555], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hartlepool, value=4556], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hastings, value=4557], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Havant, value=4558], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Havering, value=4559], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hertfordsh, value=3159], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hertsmere, value=4560], LabelValueBean [label=GB - High Peak, value=4561], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Highland, value=4562], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hillingdon, value=4563], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hinckley a, value=4564], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Horsham, value=4565], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hounslow, value=4566], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Huntingdon, value=3160], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Hyndburn, value=4567], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Inverclyde, value=4568], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ipswich, value=4569], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Anglesey, value=3111], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Isle of Wi, value=4571], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Isles of S, value=4572], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Islington, value=4573], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Kensington, value=4574], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Kent, value=3162], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Kettering, value=4575], LabelValueBean [label=GB - King's Lyn, value=4576], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Kingston u, value=4577], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Kingston u, value=4578], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Kirklees, value=4579], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Knowsley, value=4580], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lambeth, value=4581], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lancashire, value=3167], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lancaster, value=4582], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Larne, value=4583], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Leeds, value=4584], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Leicester, value=4585], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Leicesters, value=3168], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lewes, value=4586], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lewisham, value=4587], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lichfield, value=4588], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Limavady, value=4589], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lincoln, value=4590], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lincolnshi, value=3169], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Lisburn, value=4591], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Liverpool, value=4592], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Luton, value=4593], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Magherafel, value=4594], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Maidstone, value=4595], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Maldon, value=4596], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Malvern Hi, value=4597], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Manchester, value=4598], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Mansfield, value=4599], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Medway, value=4600], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Melton, value=4601], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Mendip, value=4602], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Merseyside, value=4789], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Merthyr Ty, value=4603], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Merton, value=4604], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Mid Devon, value=4605], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Mid Suffol, value=4606], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Mid Sussex, value=4607], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Middlesbro, value=4608], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Midlothian, value=3174], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Milton Key, value=4609], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Mole Valle, value=4610], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Monmouthsh, value=3175], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Moray, value=4611], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Moyle, value=4612], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Neath Port, value=4613], LabelValueBean [label=GB - New Forest, value=4614], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Newark and, value=4615], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Newcastle, value=4616], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Newcastle-, value=4617], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Newham, value=4618], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Newport, value=4619], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Newry and, value=4620], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Newtownabb, value=4621], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Norfolk, value=3179], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Ayrs, value=4622], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Devo, value=4623], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Dors, value=4624], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Down, value=4625], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North East, value=4626], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North East, value=4627], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Hert, value=4628], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Kest, value=4629], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Lana, value=4630], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Linc, value=4631], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Norf, value=4632], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Some, value=4633], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Tyne, value=4634], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North Warw, value=4635], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North West, value=4636], LabelValueBean [label=GB - North York, value=4637], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Northampto, value=4638], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Northampto, value=3180], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Northumber, value=3181], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Norwich, value=4639], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Nottingham, value=4640], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Nottingham, value=3182], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Nuneaton a, value=4641], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Oadby and, value=4642], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Oldham, value=4643], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Omagh, value=4644], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Orkney Isl, value=4645], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Oxford, value=4646], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Oxfordshir, value=3184], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Pembrokesh, value=3186], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Pendle, value=4647], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Perth and, value=4648], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Peterborou, value=4649], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Plymouth, value=4650], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Poole, value=4651], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Portsmouth, value=4652], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Powys, value=4653], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Preston, value=4654], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Purbeck, value=4655], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Reading, value=4656], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Redbridge, value=4657], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Redcar and, value=4658], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Redditch, value=4659], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Reigate an, value=4660], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Renfrewshi, value=3189], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rhondda Cy, value=4661], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ribble Val, value=4662], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Richmond u, value=4663], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Richmondsh, value=4664], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rochdale, value=4665], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rochford, value=4666], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rossendale, value=4667], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rother, value=4668], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rotherham, value=4669], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rugby, value=4670], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Runnymede, value=4671], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rushcliffe, value=4672], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rushmoor, value=4673], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Rutland, value=3192], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Ryedale, value=4674], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Salford, value=4675], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Sandwell, value=4676], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Scarboroug, value=4677], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Scottish B, value=4678], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Sedgemoor, value=4679], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Sefton, value=4680], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Selby, value=4681], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Sevenoaks, value=4682], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Sheffield, value=4683], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Shepway, value=4684], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Shetland I, value=4685], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Shropshire, value=3195], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Slough, value=4686], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Solihull, value=4687], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Somerset, value=3196], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Ayrs, value=4688], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Buck, value=4689], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Camb, value=4690], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Derb, value=4691], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Glou, value=4692], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Hams, value=4693], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Holl, value=4694], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Kest, value=4695], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Lake, value=4696], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Lana, value=4697], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Norf, value=4698], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Nort, value=4699], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Oxfo, value=4700], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Ribb, value=4701], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Some, value=4702], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Staf, value=4703], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South Tyne, value=4704], LabelValueBean [label=GB - South York, value=4382], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Southampto, value=4705], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Southend-o, value=4706], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Southwark, value=4707], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Spelthorne, value=4708], LabelValueBean [label=GB - St Albans, value=4709], LabelValueBean [label=GB - St Edmunds, value=4710], LabelValueBean [label=GB - St. Helens, value=4711], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Stafford, value=4712], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Staffordsh, value=3197], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Staffordsh, value=4713], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Stevenage, value=4714], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Stirling, value=4715], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Stockport, value=4716], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Stockton-o, value=4717], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Stoke-on-T, value=4718], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Strabane, value=4719], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Stratford-, value=4720], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Stroud, value=4721], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Suffolk, value=3199], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Suffolk Co, value=4722], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Sunderland, value=4723], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Surrey, value=3200], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Surrey Hea, value=4724], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Sutton, value=4725], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Swale, value=4726], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Swansea, value=4727], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Swindon, value=4728], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tameside, value=4729], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tamworth, value=4730], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tandridge, value=4731], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Taunton De, value=4732], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Teignbridg, value=4733], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Telford an, value=4734], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tendring, value=4735], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Test Valle, value=4736], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tewkesbury, value=4737], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Thanet, value=4738], LabelValueBean [label=GB - The Vale o, value=4739], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Three Rive, value=4740], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Thurrock, value=4741], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tonbridge, value=4742], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Torbay, value=4743], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Torfaen, value=4744], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Torridge, value=4745], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tower Haml, value=4746], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Trafford, value=4747], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tunbridge, value=4748], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Tyne and W, value=4794], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Uttlesford, value=4749], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Vale of Wh, value=4750], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wakefield, value=4751], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Walsall, value=4752], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Waltham Fo, value=4753], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wandsworth, value=4754], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Warrington, value=4755], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Warwick, value=4756], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Warwickshi, value=3204], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Watford, value=4757], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Waveney, value=4758], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Waverley, value=4759], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wealden, value=4760], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wellingbor, value=4761], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Welwyn Hat, value=4762], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Berks, value=4763], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Devon, value=4764], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Dorse, value=4765], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Dunba, value=4766], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Lanca, value=4767], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Linds, value=4768], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Lothi, value=3205], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Midla, value=4793], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Oxfor, value=4769], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Somer, value=4770], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Susse, value=4771], LabelValueBean [label=GB - West Yorks, value=4791], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Westminste, value=4772], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Weymouth a, value=4773], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wigan, value=4774], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wiltshire, value=3208], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Winchester, value=4775], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Windsor an, value=4776], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wirral, value=4777], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Woking, value=4778], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wokingham, value=4779], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wolverhamp, value=4780], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Worcester, value=4781], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Worcesters, value=3209], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Worthing, value=4782], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wrexham, value=4783], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wychavon, value=4784], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wycombe, value=4785], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wyre, value=4786], LabelValueBean [label=GB - Wyre Fores, value=4787], LabelValueBean [label=GB - York, value=4788], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Burgenland, value=4050], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Carinthia, value=4051], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Lo Austria, value=4052], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Salzburg, value=4054], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Styria, value=4055], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Tyrol, value=4056], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Up Austria, value=4053], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Vienna, value=4058], LabelValueBean [label=AT - Vorarlberg, value=4057], LabelValueBean [label=BE - VAN, value=509], LabelValueBean [label=BE - WBR, value=516], LabelValueBean [label=BE - BRU, value=508], LabelValueBean [label=BE - VLG, value=511], LabelValueBean [label=BE - WHT, value=517], LabelValueBean [label=BE - WLG, value=518], LabelValueBean [label=BE - VLI, value=512], LabelValueBean [label=BE - WLX, value=519], LabelValueBean [label=BE - WNA, value=520], LabelValueBean [label=BE - VOV, value=513], LabelValueBean [label=BE - VBR, value=510], LabelValueBean [label=BE - WAL, value=515], LabelValueBean [label=BE - VWV, value=514], LabelValueBean [label=BR - AC, value=558], LabelValueBean [label=BR - AL, value=559], LabelValueBean [label=BR - AP, value=561], LabelValueBean [label=BR - AM, value=560], LabelValueBean [label=BR - BA, value=562], LabelValueBean [label=BR - CE, value=563], LabelValueBean [label=BR - DF, value=564], LabelValueBean [label=BR - ES, value=565], LabelValueBean [label=BR - GO, value=566], LabelValueBean [label=BR - MA, value=567], LabelValueBean [label=BR - MT, value=570], LabelValueBean [label=BR - MS, value=569], LabelValueBean [label=BR - MG, value=568], LabelValueBean [label=BR - PA, value=571], LabelValueBean [label=BR - PB, value=572], LabelValueBean [label=BR - PR, value=575], LabelValueBean [label=BR - PE, value=573], LabelValueBean [label=BR - PI, value=574], LabelValueBean [label=BR - RN, value=577], LabelValueBean [label=BR - RS, value=580], LabelValueBean [label=BR - RJ, value=576], LabelValueBean [label=BR - RO, value=578], LabelValueBean [label=BR - RR, value=579], LabelValueBean [label=BR - SC, value=581], LabelValueBean [label=BR - SE, value=582], LabelValueBean [label=BR - SP, value=583], LabelValueBean [label=BR - TO, value=584], LabelValueBean [label=CH - AG, value=620], LabelValueBean [label=CH - AR, value=616], LabelValueBean [label=CH - AI, value=617], LabelValueBean [label=CH - BL, value=614], LabelValueBean [label=CH - BS, value=613], LabelValueBean [label=CH - BE, value=603], LabelValueBean [label=CH - FR, value=611], LabelValueBean [label=CH - GE, value=626], LabelValueBean [label=CH - GL, value=609], LabelValueBean [label=CH - GR, value=619], LabelValueBean [label=CH - JU, value=627], LabelValueBean [label=CH - LU, value=604], LabelValueBean [label=CH - NE, value=625], LabelValueBean [label=CH - NW, value=608], LabelValueBean [label=CH - OW, value=607], LabelValueBean [label=CH - SH, value=615], LabelValueBean [label=CH - SZ, value=606], LabelValueBean [label=CH - SO, value=612], LabelValueBean [label=CH - SG, value=618], LabelValueBean [label=CH - TG, value=621], LabelValueBean [label=CH - TI, value=622], LabelValueBean [label=CH - UR, value=605], LabelValueBean [label=CH - VS, value=624], LabelValueBean [label=CH - VD, value=623], LabelValueBean [label=CH - ZH, value=602], LabelValueBean [label=CH - ZG, value=610], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - KA, value=710], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - ST, value=719], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - KR, value=712], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - LI, value=713], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - MO, value=714], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - OL, value=715], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - PA, value=716], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - PL, value=717], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - PR, value=718], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - JC, value=708], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - JM, value=709], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - VY, value=711], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - ZL, value=721], LabelValueBean [label=CZ - US, value=720], LabelValueBean [label=DE - BW, value=724], LabelValueBean [label=DE - BY, value=725], LabelValueBean [label=DE - BE, value=722], LabelValueBean [label=DE - BR, value=723], LabelValueBean [label=DE - HB, value=726], LabelValueBean [label=DE - DE, value=4067], LabelValueBean [label=DE - HH, value=728], LabelValueBean [label=DE - HE, value=727], LabelValueBean [label=DE - MV, value=729], LabelValueBean [label=DE - NI, value=730], LabelValueBean [label=DE - NRW, value=731], LabelValueBean [label=DE - RP, value=732], LabelValueBean [label=DE - SL, value=734], LabelValueBean [label=DE - SN, value=735], LabelValueBean [label=DE - ST, value=736], LabelValueBean [label=DE - SH, value=733], LabelValueBean [label=DE - TH, value=737], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-040, value=749], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-015, value=744], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-101, value=758], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-147, value=759], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-020, value=745], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-042, value=750], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-080, value=757], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-055, value=752], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-065, value=754], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-025, value=746], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-050, value=751], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-035, value=748], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-060, value=753], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-030, value=747], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-076, value=756], LabelValueBean [label=DK - DK-070, value=755], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-C, value=841], LabelValueBean [label=ES - AB, value=834], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-A, value=833], LabelValueBean [label=ES - AL, value=835], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-O, value=865], LabelValueBean [label=ES - BA, value=838], LabelValueBean [label=ES - PM, value=868], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-B, value=837], LabelValueBean [label=ES - BU, value=840], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-S, value=870], LabelValueBean [label=ES - CS, value=847], LabelValueBean [label=ES - CC, value=843], LabelValueBean [label=ES - CA, value=842], LabelValueBean [label=ES - CE, value=844], LabelValueBean [label=ES - CR, value=846], LabelValueBean [label=ES - CO, value=845], LabelValueBean [label=ES - CU, value=848], LabelValueBean [label=ES - GI, value=850], LabelValueBean [label=ES - GR, value=851], LabelValueBean [label=ES - GU, value=852], LabelValueBean [label=ES - SS, value=875], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-H, value=853], LabelValueBean [label=ES - HU, value=854], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-J, value=855], LabelValueBean [label=ES - LO, value=858], LabelValueBean [label=ES - GC, value=849], LabelValueBean [label=ES - LE, value=857], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-L, value=856], LabelValueBean [label=ES - LU, value=859], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-M, value=860], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ML, value=862], LabelValueBean [label=ES - MA, value=861], LabelValueBean [label=ES - MU, value=863], LabelValueBean [label=ES - NA, value=864], LabelValueBean [label=ES - OR, value=866], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-P, value=867], LabelValueBean [label=ES - PO, value=869], LabelValueBean [label=ES - SA, value=871], LabelValueBean [label=ES - TF, value=878], LabelValueBean [label=ES - SG, value=873], LabelValueBean [label=ES - SE, value=872], LabelValueBean [label=ES - SO, value=874], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-T, value=876], LabelValueBean [label=ES - TE, value=877], LabelValueBean [label=ES - TO, value=879], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-V, value=880], LabelValueBean [label=ES - VA, value=881], LabelValueBean [label=ES - BI, value=839], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ZA, value=884], LabelValueBean [label=ES - ES-Z, value=883], LabelValueBean [label=ES - VI, value=882], LabelValueBean [label=ES - AV, value=836], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-01, value=891], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-02, value=892], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-03, value=893], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-06, value=896], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-04, value=894], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-07, value=897], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-08, value=898], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-09, value=899], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-10, value=900], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-11, value=901], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-12, value=902], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-67, value=958], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-13, value=903], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-14, value=904], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-15, value=905], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-16, value=906], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-17, value=907], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-18, value=908], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-19, value=909], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-2A, value=919], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-23, value=912], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-21, value=910], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-22, value=911], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-79, value=970], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-24, value=913], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-25, value=914], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-26, value=915], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-91, value=982], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-27, value=916], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-28, value=917], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-29, value=918], LabelValueBean [label=FR - PF, value=988], LabelValueBean [label=FR - TF, value=990], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-30, value=921], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-32, value=923], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-33, value=924], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-68, value=959], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-2B, value=920], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-31, value=922], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-43, value=934], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-52, value=943], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-70, value=961], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-74, value=965], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-87, value=978], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-05, value=895], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-65, value=956], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-92, value=983], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-34, value=925], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-35, value=926], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-36, value=927], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-37, value=928], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-38, value=929], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-39, value=930], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-40, value=931], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-41, value=932], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-42, value=933], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-44, value=935], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-45, value=936], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-46, value=937], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-47, value=938], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-48, value=939], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-49, value=940], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-50, value=941], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-51, value=942], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-53, value=944], LabelValueBean [label=FR - YT, value=991], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-54, value=945], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-55, value=946], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-56, value=947], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-57, value=948], LabelValueBean [label=FR - NC, value=987], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-58, value=949], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-59, value=950], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-60, value=951], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-61, value=952], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-75, value=966], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-62, value=953], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-63, value=954], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-64, value=955], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-66, value=957], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-69, value=960], LabelValueBean [label=FR - PM, value=989], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-71, value=962], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-72, value=963], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-73, value=964], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-76, value=967], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-93, value=984], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-77, value=968], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-80, value=971], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-81, value=972], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-82, value=973], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-90, value=981], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-95, value=986], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-94, value=985], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-83, value=974], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-84, value=975], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-85, value=976], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-86, value=977], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-88, value=979], LabelValueBean [label=FR - WF, value=992], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-89, value=980], LabelValueBean [label=FR - FR-78, value=969], LabelValueBean [label=IN - AN, value=1205], LabelValueBean [label=IN - AP, value=1206], LabelValueBean [label=IN - AR, value=1207], LabelValueBean [label=IN - AS, value=1208], LabelValueBean [label=IN - BR, value=1209], LabelValueBean [label=IN - CH, value=1210], LabelValueBean [label=IN - CT, value=1211], LabelValueBean [label=IN - DN, value=1214], LabelValueBean [label=IN - DD, value=1212], LabelValueBean [label=IN - DL, value=1213], LabelValueBean [label=IN - GA, value=1215], LabelValueBean [label=IN - GJ, value=1216], LabelValueBean [label=IN - HR, value=1218], LabelValueBean [label=IN - HP, value=1217], LabelValueBean [label=IN - JK, value=1220], LabelValueBean [label=IN - JH, value=1219], LabelValueBean [label=IN - KA, value=1221], LabelValueBean [label=IN - KL, value=1223], LabelValueBean [label=IN - LD, value=1222], LabelValueBean [label=IN - MP, value=1227], LabelValueBean [label=IN - MH, value=1225], LabelValueBean [label=IN - MN, value=1226], LabelValueBean [label=IN - ML, value=1224], LabelValueBean [label=IN - MZ, value=1228], LabelValueBean [label=IN - NL, value=1229], LabelValueBean [label=IN - OR, value=1230], LabelValueBean [label=IN - PY, value=1232], LabelValueBean [label=IN - PB, value=1231], LabelValueBean [label=IN - RJ, value=1233], LabelValueBean [label=IN - SK, value=1234], LabelValueBean [label=IN - TN, value=1235], LabelValueBean [label=IN - TR, value=1236], LabelValueBean [label=IN - UP, value=1238], LabelValueBean [label=IN - UL, value=1237], LabelValueBean [label=IN - WB, value=1239], LabelValueBean [label=NL - DR, value=1524], LabelValueBean [label=NL - FL, value=1525], LabelValueBean [label=NL - FR, value=1526], LabelValueBean [label=NL - GE, value=1527], LabelValueBean [label=NL - GR, value=1528], LabelValueBean [label=NL - LI, value=1529], LabelValueBean [label=NL - NB, value=1530], LabelValueBean [label=NL - NH, value=1531], LabelValueBean [label=NL - OV, value=1532], LabelValueBean [label=NL - UT, value=1533], LabelValueBean [label=NL - ZE, value=1534], LabelValueBean [label=NL - ZH, value=1535], LabelValueBean [label=PL - DS, value=1575], LabelValueBean [label=PL - KP, value=1576], LabelValueBean [label=PL - LD, value=1579], LabelValueBean [label=PL - LU, value=1577], LabelValueBean [label=PL - LB, value=1578], LabelValueBean [label=PL - MA, value=1580], LabelValueBean [label=PL - MZ, value=1581], LabelValueBean [label=PL - OP, value=1582], LabelValueBean [label=PL - PK, value=1583], LabelValueBean [label=PL - PD, value=1584], LabelValueBean [label=PL - PM, value=1585], LabelValueBean [label=PL - SL, value=1586], LabelValueBean [label=PL - SK, value=1587], LabelValueBean [label=PL - WN, value=1588], LabelValueBean [label=PL - WP, value=1589], LabelValueBean [label=PL - ZP, value=1590], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-01, value=1591], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-02, value=1592], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-03, value=1593], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-04, value=1594], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-05, value=1595], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-06, value=1596], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-08, value=1598], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-09, value=1599], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-10, value=1600], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-11, value=1601], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-12, value=1602], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-13, value=1603], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-30, value=1610], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-20, value=1609], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-14, value=1604], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-15, value=1605], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-16, value=1606], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-17, value=1607], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-18, value=1608], LabelValueBean [label=PT - PT-07, value=1597], LabelValueBean [label=RO - AB, value=1611], LabelValueBean [label=RO - AR, value=1613], LabelValueBean [label=RO - AG, value=1612], LabelValueBean [label=RO - BC, value=1615], LabelValueBean [label=RO - BH, value=1616], LabelValueBean [label=RO - BN, value=1617], LabelValueBean [label=RO - BT, value=1619], LabelValueBean [label=RO - BR, value=1618], LabelValueBean [label=RO - BV, value=1620], LabelValueBean [label=RO - RO-B, value=1614], LabelValueBean [label=RO - BZ, value=1621], LabelValueBean [label=RO - CL, value=1623], LabelValueBean [label=RO - CS, value=1624], LabelValueBean [label=RO - CJ, value=1622], LabelValueBean [label=RO - CT, value=1625], LabelValueBean [label=RO - CV, value=1626], LabelValueBean [label=RO - DB, value=1627], LabelValueBean [label=RO - DJ, value=1628], LabelValueBean [label=RO - GL, value=1630], LabelValueBean [label=RO - GR, value=1631], LabelValueBean [label=RO - GJ, value=1629], LabelValueBean [label=RO - HG, value=1633], LabelValueBean [label=RO - HD, value=1632], LabelValueBean [label=RO - IL, value=1635], LabelValueBean [label=RO - IS, value=1636], LabelValueBean [label=RO - IF, value=1634], LabelValueBean [label=RO - MM, value=1638], LabelValueBean [label=RO - MH, value=1637], LabelValueBean [label=RO - MS, value=1639], LabelValueBean [label=RO - NT, value=1640], LabelValueBean [label=RO - OT, value=1641], LabelValueBean [label=RO - PH, value=1642], LabelValueBean [label=RO - SJ, value=1644], LabelValueBean [label=RO - SM, value=1645], LabelValueBean [label=RO - SB, value=1643], LabelValueBean [label=RO - SV, value=1646], LabelValueBean [label=RO - TR, value=1649], LabelValueBean [label=RO - TM, value=1648], LabelValueBean [label=RO - TL, value=1647], LabelValueBean [label=RO - VS, value=1652], LabelValueBean [label=RO - VL, value=1650], LabelValueBean [label=RO - VR, value=1651], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-K, value=1663], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-W, value=1670], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-I, value=1662], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-X, value=1671], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-N, value=1665], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-Z, value=1673], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-F, value=1659], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-H, value=1661], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-G, value=1660], LabelValueBean [label=SE - BD, value=1655], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-D, value=1657], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-M, value=1664], LabelValueBean [label=SE - AB, value=1653], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-C, value=1656], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-S, value=1667], LabelValueBean [label=SE - AC, value=1654], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-Y, value=1672], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-U, value=1669], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-O, value=1666], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-T, value=1668], LabelValueBean [label=SE - SE-E, value=1658]]
alJobCategory: [LabelValueBean [label=Automotive, value=3], LabelValueBean [label=Business Development, value=6], LabelValueBean [label=Construction, value=8], LabelValueBean [label=Consultant, value=9], LabelValueBean [label=Customer Service, value=10], LabelValueBean [label=Design, value=11], LabelValueBean [label=Engineering, value=14], LabelValueBean [label=Entry Level, value=15], LabelValueBean [label=Facilities, value=17], LabelValueBean [label=Health Care, value=24], LabelValueBean [label=Human Resources, value=26], LabelValueBean [label=Information Technology, value=27], LabelValueBean [label=Installation - Maint - Repair, value=28], LabelValueBean [label=Management, value=33], LabelValueBean [label=Manufacturing, value=34], LabelValueBean [label=Marketing, value=35], LabelValueBean [label=Purchasing - Procurement, value=42], LabelValueBean [label=QA - Quality Control, value=43], LabelValueBean [label=Research, value=45], LabelValueBean [label=Sales, value=48], LabelValueBean [label=Science, value=49]]
org.apache.struts.globals.ORIGINAL_URI_KEY: /
org.apache.catalina.AccessLog.ServerPort: 80
org.apache.tomcat.request.forwarded: true
org.apache.catalina.AccessLog.Protocol: HTTP/1.1
PublicRequirementSearchForm: com.brightmove.ats.portal.form.PublicRequirementSearchForm@559f272a
PortalForward: failure
alRadius: [LabelValueBean [label= - Select - , value=-1], LabelValueBean [label=5 mi, value=5], LabelValueBean [label=10 mi, value=10], LabelValueBean [label=15 mi, value=15], LabelValueBean [label=20 mi, value=20], LabelValueBean [label=25 mi, value=25], LabelValueBean [label=30 mi, value=30], LabelValueBean [label=35 mi, value=35], LabelValueBean [label=40 mi, value=40], LabelValueBean [label=45 mi, value=45], LabelValueBean [label=50 mi, value=50], LabelValueBean [label=75 mi, value=75], LabelValueBean [label=100 mi, value=100], LabelValueBean [label=250 mi, value=250], LabelValueBean [label=500 mi, value=500]]
--- END Request Attributes ---

--- Request Parameters ---
jobCategoryGK: 9
companyGK: 18890
portalGK: 1815
--- END Request Parameters ---

Form Type: class com.brightmove.ats.portal.form.PublicRequirementSearchForm
Form Object: com.brightmove.ats.portal.form.PublicRequirementSearchForm@559f272a
--- Request Headers ---
connection: upgrade
accept-encoding: br,gzip
x-forwarded-proto: http
x-forwarded-port: 80
x-amzn-trace-id: Root=1-60087e61-5f2fccd41a1afddb5899ebaf
user-agent: CCBot/2.0 (
accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8
accept-language: en-US,en;q=0.5
if-modified-since: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 19:37:05 GMT
--- END Request Headers ---
#####   END BaseAction Exception Dump   #######