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Job Description
Job Title Quality Assurance Analyst
Job ID 803244
Location Phoenix,  AZ
Other Location
Description Career Evolutions is seeking Quality Assurance Engineer to exercise the features built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 by the CRM team. The team is agile and maintains a rapid code release cadence. 
This position will join and be embedded in an existing team consisting of software developers, business analysts and testers.
·                      Handles Quality Assurance efforts with regard to software development according to business requirements and acceptance criteria
·                      Defines and implements quality assurance practices and procedures against multiple endpoints including UI and APIs
·                      Assists with the creation, organization, and maintenance of a comprehensive test plan library
·                      Responsible for the generation and maintenance QA test plan reports
·                      Responsible for auditing the QA processes and results with regards to the software development lifecycle
·                      Assists with the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive build automation and test auditing system
·                      Continuously researches quality assurance standards and makes recommendations to management with regard to improving the company's QA processes
·                      Responsible for understanding both the business objectives and the technical implementation of CRM and its supporting application
Position Requirements:

·                    Ability to self-direct and actively learn new techniques and technologies
·                    Software Development Quality Assurance experience
·                    Knowledge of various current Software Development management styles (Agile, Scrum, etc)
·                    Comfortable working directly with developers
·                    Experience with common testing procedures and test writing
·                    Deep understanding of and experience testing against internet (HTTP) software patterns
·                    Experience with Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio
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