Operations Manager 2nd shift

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Operations Manager 2nd shift
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Sterling Heights,  MI
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The Front Line Manager oversees the performance of site operations and maintenance.  The FLM directs work to comply with Service Agreement, corporate and site performance standards and metrics, and applicable laws and regulations, especially those related to safety.  These responsibilities encompass site utility infrastructure, central plant utility equipment, refrigeration systems, and all primary and secondary building systems (HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, electrical power distribution, lighting, IT support systems, etc.) for all office, research, engineering, test and pilot manufacturing, and support facilities.
The FLM directs the day to day performance of all Facility  Assistant Managers, housekeepers, schedulers, UAW skilled/semi-skilled trades and contractors across the assigned zones.  The FLM works closely with the opposing region FLMs staying abreast of service issues/needs and remains cross-trained to support the opposing region as required. The FLM optimizes resource utilization, supported by the work control center and the site’s resource specialists and administrators.
The FLM knows and upholds policies, procedures and Service Agreement.  The FLM is responsible for budgeting, labor loading, performance and cost reporting and continuous improvement, advancing root cause analysis, remedial action and process improvement plans to resolve all non-compliances.  The FLM works closely with on/off-site support service teams to ensure quality and timeliness of service delivery.  The FLM communicates closely with labor relations personnel to quickly resolve any potential labor issues.
Know and uphold COMPANY’s policies, procedures and Service Agreement with client to allow customers and tenants to focus on their core business.  Take ownership of campus wide facilities, infrastructure and grounds, and drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance facility performance, operating effectiveness and cost efficiency.
Develop annual operating budgets; monthly reconciliation reports of planned/actual/variances; and, quarterly and year-end forecasts.   Develop capital and expense project plans, schedules and budgets; track and report on compliance, completion and variances.
Foster standards to assure responsive customer relations, safe and competent work, spirited collaboration and commitment to continuous improvement.   Invigorate planning, training, coaching, evaluation and discipline of supervisors and the workforce.  Instill seamless coordination among the facility supervisors, schedulers, work control teams and customers.  Encourage positive labor relations and the fair and professional use of progressive discipline.
Oversee autonomous and preventive (scheduled) maintenance plans for critical assets to assure operational reliability and extend asset life.  Apply Quality Network Planned Maintenance methods. Comply with warranty requirements and coordinate with work control and safety specialists to reflect operating conditions, industry norms, and the considered inputs of staff/trades to set and enforce schedules, assignments, methods and material logistics. 
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