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Job Title Data Architect/developer with NoSQL focus
Job ID 744512
Location Saint Louis,  MO 63111
Other Location United States
Description One of my favorite clients is seeking backend/database skills for big data/analytics focused work.  Look, I know everyone and their uncle is talking about "big data" but these folks are really pushing the envelope with cool stuff.  I'd also recommend them for a sane, savvy and reasonable culture.  Truly decent folks doing very interesting things.
This is a backend role:  A data architect comfortable navigating a nosql universe.  The ability and desire to code - optimally in scala or clojure (or any  JVM language) would be ideal. You will also have the chance to help direct infrastructure choices between database solutions, such as as MongoDB, Cassandra, CounchDB, as well as analytics tools, such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, and ElasticSearch.
This role will be responsible for improving and extending the ETL process used to turn raw data into organized documents suitable for analysis. This engineer will also be responsible for improvements to an analytics backend and the associated API.
Someone coming from the SQL world (Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, Postgres) would be okay but they’d have to demonstrate interest/aptitude and experience in really hard core noSQL/analytics.

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