Job Description
Job Title Senior Django Back End Developer
Location New York,  NY 10001
Other Location Remote/Home Office
Senior Django Back End Developer

Builder. Architect. Mastermind. If any of these words have ever been used to describe your logic and hard coding skills, you might be a guru. If you can pick apart the development process and rebuild it to be faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective, you might be a guru.
And if you can single-handedly build the foundation of a brand new technology that will transform the health and fitness industry for good without a code master staring over your shoulder, then you might just be the next Senior Backend Django Developer at
The gig’s Senior Django Back End Developer will play a pivotal role in the early development and success of the company. In short, you’ll be the man or woman behind the curtain, tasked with pulling the right strings at the right time to produce a cutting-edge technology that will turn the health and fitness industry on its collective head.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for concepting, drafting, and crafting the bones of our revolutionary platform. Your appetite for exploration in an environment free of restrictive rules, policies, and procedures will drive you to test, retest, and deploy stable, powerful architecture worthy of trend-setting app.

Make no mistake:  you’re at the top of the food chain here.  Your blueprint will pave the ultimate path for health and fitness professionals to dramatically improve their businesses. Your creative genius will enable the seamless delivery of gorgeous client-side apps and beautiful, streamlined user interactions. And your work hard/play hard personality will help set the tone and establish a culture in a nascent community of driven, passionate businesspeople intent on creating opportunity for themselves and others.
We can’t promise worldwide acclaim or a cult following, but you will be the model by which all other developers and architects will be measured as we grow and expand.
What it takes:
·         Minimum 5 years experience developing in Python required
·         2-3 years coding in Django framework
·         Creative thinker with big ideas and no fear of rejection
·         Self-directed, intrinsically motivated to succeed
·         Thrive as the leader of the pack
·         Working knowledge or experience in PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS, and Git source control
·         Seeking ground-floor opportunity and a “do-what-it-takes” attitude
·         Prior experience with South Django package and ngix is a huge plus
·         Previous project leadership and management duties strongly desired
About YourGuru is a start up in the health and fitness industry founded by a successful serial entrepreneur.  The company’s mission is to make it easier for health and fitness instructors to connect with, understand, and ultimately serve clients in their efforts to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.  As a member of the team you will be working on groundbreaking, innovative social experiences for the health and fitness industry. Although you can’t view the company website yet, it's in “stealth mode”, rest assured when you move forward in the process and see what's been developed you will be impressed.
Culture, Features, Perks, and Benefits
When you join, you’ll be an integral part of an inventive, well-funded business and technology team. While you won’t have a self-described tech-wizard lording over you, you will be working alongside an award-winning entrepreneur. You’ll also have direct, unfettered access to strategic advisors who will provide guidance and advice based on their years of experience in tech and startup environments.
This role is for the aggressive, creative, hard-charging leader who values freedom, flexibility, and the chance to make a great living. This is a position seeking candidates in the New York City area, but also open to remote office and locations.  As a employee, you can expect a competitive compensation package with a bonus opportunity and eligibility for participation in an equity plan.
This isn’t some fly-by-night startup, and the Senior Django Back End Developer position isn’t your run-of-the-mill coding job. If you value the freedom to help build a business using ALL of your skills, love the idea of being the first in line to define what this role means, and accept the challenges of introducing a revolutionary technology to the market, please submit your resume today. 

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