Data Warehouse Developer Farmington Hills,  MI
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Data Warehouse Developer
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Data Warehouse Developer
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Farmington Hills,  MI
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Seeking a Data Warehouse Developer $58 per hour, located in Farmington Hills MI.   Apply:

Currently recruiting for a Data Warehouse Developer to join our team at our beautiful campus in Farmington Hills, MI.
This is an excellent opportunity for an individual looking to make an impact while helping Amerisure design their Data Warehouse and related Data Marts.
  • Responsible for assisting in the design and architecture of enterprise data warehouses/data marts utilizing Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server data sources.
  • Develop logical and physical Data Models, ER Diagrams and star transformation models.
  • Develop stored procedures, database triggers, complex SQL queries and PL/SQL programming 
  • Design, develop and modify ETL transformation code/logic/programs for environment
  • Model subject areas to provide a consistent and reliable Data Mart/Data Warehouse.
  • Create Meta data documentation (Business Glossary and data definitions) for enterprise Master Data Management.
  • Define the usage of queries and reporting tools to support corporate business units or external customers when combining and analyzing large volumes of information contained within the corporate data warehouse
  • Analyze company and client needs to formulate business solutions based on IT and business goals; design specifications to enable others to develop effective business solutions in line with defined requirements. 
  • Develop test plans that encompass unit testing and analysis of test results.
  • Plan and schedule workload to meet assigned target dates.  May assist group/unit staff in resolving work related problems.  Function effectively in a team oriented atmosphere.
  • Communicate both orally and in writing with clients, group members, outside vendors, and others regarding impact of activity on their assignments, program changes and specifications, project schedules, or other areas of mutual concern.
  • Participate in the requirements gathering phase, design, and preparation of specification of a project and/or existing application systems.
  • Develop, test, and support new or revised systems from prepared specifications.  Obtain approvals and consult with production control as needed to prepare programs/systems for implementation; correspond with clients to implement operations programs/enhancements and identify/resolve problems.
  • Document new and existing systems, adhering to department or corporate documentation standards, develop workflow, write client manuals and instructions and create data model definitions in line with project requirements.  Provide a clear record of activities taken on specific program or system projects.
  • May prepare project plans and schedules for employees and vendors to use in systems design and installation.
  • Reviews completed systems and workflow processes to ensure that procedures, flow, and functions meet specifications and requirements based on defined expectations.
  • The above duties may be performed independently or with team members.
  • Other activities as assigned by management.
  • 5+ years of experience in Data Warehouse Development with star schema and business modeling techniques
  • 5+ years of experience with Oracle Databases preferably 10g or 11i.
  • Working knowledge of data modeling techniques, dimensional models and hyper-normalized models or dimensional-normal form or 3NF.
  • Working knowledge of all data warehousing components (Sourcing, ETL, Data Modeling, and Reporting)
  • Very strong communication skills.
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder experience a plus.
  • DB2, SQL Server experience a plus.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer related field relevant business experience.
  • Basic knowledge of project/system management methodologies.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of data structure concepts and practices.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of software development life cycle methodologies.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of one or more software development platforms.
Required Skills
Data Warehouseing
Data Marts
Oracle DB2 SQL

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