Job Description
Job Title Personal Executive Assistant
Location San Antonio,  TX
Other Location
Description Personal Executive Assistant Job Description
Office of the CEO/Founder
Summary:  This position will provide personal and executive support to the CEO/Founder of Gonzaba Medical Group. 
Facilitation of Effective Communication and Scheduling
  1. Maintain regular, consistent and ongoing contact with Dr. Bill throughout the day by phone on daily activities, such as reminders and agenda scheduling.
  2. Primary point of contact for Dr. Bill for most internal and external appointments and meeting scheduling while adhering to a systematic and detailed calendar.
  3. Coordinate with the leadership team calendar and coordination of meetings and other functions to coincide with Dr. Bill’s calendar.
  4. Work with the leadership and management team as directed if needed.
  5. Handle Dr. Bill’s personal mail to ensure timely follow up, proper handling and timely correspondence. 
  6. Attend all meetings with Dr. Bill to record notes, produce minutes, document action items and required follow up/next steps.  Coordinate with Executive Assistant of leadership team to ensure continuity of actions.
  7. Schedule the use of the conference room.
  8. Serve as driver for Dr. Bill to ensure he is on time for all meetings and appointments as dictated by his schedule. 
  9. Handle all telephonic and written correspondence coming to Dr. Bill and maintain an accurate record of all communication and correspondence.  Coordinate with the Executive Assistant for the leadership team to provide continual coverage and avoid lost communication or lack of follow up.
  10. Coordinate Dr. Bill’s calendar the variety of events and luncheons that are needed and/or required which can be sponsored by pharmaceutical representatives.
Process Written Materials and Computer System
  1. Compose correspondence requiring specific knowledge of methods, procedures, policies or other information.
  2. Compose letters, memos, or other documents for Dr. Bill’s signatures from notes or following general instructions.
  3. Prepare letters, memos, or other documents from rough draft.
  4. Work with Executive Assistant on any dictation requirements for Dr. Bill.
  5. Forward or print completed correspondence or business files to Dr. Bill for final review and/or approval.
  6. Knowledge of word-processing, Excel and internal GMG database as necessary.
  7. Knowledge of information necessary to get around, retrieve and schedule on GMG database.
  8. Correspond and coordinate with executive team as needed.
File and Retrieve Materials
  1. Maintain up to date and accurate file system to include:  review, update or revise file contents to reflect current status of information.
  2. Maintain records of incoming and outgoing materials through use of filing system both on paper and in computer.
  3. Retrieve records and/or information files and forward to others when necessary.
Compute, Verify and Record
  1. Maintain checklists, logs, worksheets or other records used to monitor the status of a project or a business activity, as it pertains to the position.
  2. Verify the accuracy and completeness of forms or records by comparing against original documents, lists or other standards, as it pertains to the position.
  3. Monitor expenditures against budget and/or contract specifications for events, luncheons and meetings, as required by Dr. Bill.
Analyze, Interpret, Report
  1. Prepare reports based on information at hand as needed or required.
  2. Prepare reports requiring the investigation of various sources of information as needed or required.
  3. Prepare analyses or summaries of programs, reports or other information as needed or required.
  4. Locate and retrieve data, records or other information needed to conduct and/or complete work activities by conducting a search of needed information.
Organizational Requirements   (should be for everyone)
  1. Demonstrable experience in an Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant role in a highly pressurized environment requiring professionalism, judgment and discretion in handling internal and external information (essential).
  2. Knowledge of organizational practices and customs regarding meetings, events, appointments, authority relationships and organizational structure.
  3. Knowledge of the relationships, dependencies, and contingencies among organizational units, key management positions, and other positions and functions.
  4. Knowledge of the standards regarding discussion of company operations, plans, problems and business and professional relations with other organizations.
  5. Knowledge of the standards regarding dress, language, hygiene, attendance, and expressed attitudes when identified with the organization.
  6. Must adhere to confidentiality requirements of position.
Qualifications for position
  1. Minimum of 5 years experience in executive assistant or personal executive assistant role required.
  2. Bachelor’s degree, preferably in business or health care related field required.  Master’s Degree a plus.
  3. Ability to multi task, effective and efficiently organize and communicate in a fast paced environment required. 
  4. Excellent writing skills, communication skills, social skills, organizational skills and phone skills.
  5. Must be available to work well and in collaboration with the leadership and management teams. 
  6. Must be extremely organized in recording and scheduling and ready to produce a report as needed.
  7. Strong sense of urgency and ability to handle candid feedback required. 
  8. Ability to work a flexible schedule required.  For example, hours may be mid morning to late evening or regular business hours depending upon Dr. Bill’s demanding schedule. 
  9. Ability to work with Dr. Bill on transportation to and from his home to office, meetings, dinners, appointments as needed.  Must have a clean driving record and able to operate Dr. Bill’s personal vehicle/company vehicle in a safe, efficient and appropriate manner.
  10. Provide service that is in line with the CEO’s work habits and preferences.
  11. Ability to troubleshoot executive problems.
  12. Flexibility and a willingness to perform other reasonable duties as requested,  
      including willingness/ability to stay late frequently in exchange for comp time.
13. Ability to filter information sometimes from multiple sources, and determine 
14. Ability to filter through CEO’s emails, highlight urgent correspondence and print   
Required Skills Executive Assistant
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