Job Description
Job Title WebSphere Process Server (BPM)
Requirement ID 692857
Begin Date 3/8/13
Location Lincolnshire,  IL 60609
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Description Position: WebSphere Process Server (BPM)

            This role provides support to the IBM WebSphere Process Center,
            Process Server, Decision Center and Decision Server..

            Critical knowledge:

·       Must have: BPM experience, knowledge of BPEL/BNPL (XML based synatx
languages) primarily for troubleshooting, installation, configuration of
BPM components
·       Create an IBM Process Server clustered environment
·       Create WESB clustered environment
·       Have basic experience using enterprise DB such as DB2 or Oracle
·       Configure the business process engine
·       Configure and work with Business Space
·       Deploy and manage business applications and models
·       Work with human tasks
·       Work with the administrative console and management tools
·       Configure the Common Event Infrastructure
·       Collect Common Event Infrastructure events and view them using the
Common Base Event browser
·       Configure messaging engine policies and transaction log failover
·       Troubleshoot the environment

            Highly desirable skills:

·       Describe the IBM Process Server high availability topologies and
their selection criteria
·       Describe business rules, decision tables, and rule set records
·       Understand how to use and deploy WebSphere JCA or J2C Adapters
·       JACL scripting
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