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Description We hire exceptional people. We want individuals who thrive on being challenged and are passionate about building a great company as well as growing with the company.


Systems Analysts for system requirements and systems implementation,  Analyst Programmers and Programmers for team development tasks, Process Owners for business requirements and systems implementation, Regional IT Teams for regional business and system requirements, Quality and Performance Management for Policies, Procedures and Process Design, Technology Resources Management and Operations for  hardware, database and network requirements, Software Vendors\ 3rd party Systems Developers – for software maintenance, development and implementation
An Analyst Programmer is responsible for the details pertaining to the architecture, development, implementation and maintenance of the computer application systems that support the different business processes.
The system implementation process is generally lengthy and complex. Likely steps are as follows:
  • Defining project scope and objectives: This is a joint undertaking between the Systems Analyst(s) and the Analyst Programmer(s), based on business requirements.
  • Designing the system: The Analyst Programmer plans and designs the new system based on the agreed upon scope and objectives in consideration of the overall systems and interfaces in the present and in anticipation of future technological advancements that the team can address.  He/She performs analysis of each step in the process and in identifying the program applications that will support each step, including the database to be used, input and output, mathematical and logical operations to be performed, etc.  Helps prepare flowcharts that will be developed to accurately illustrate the project scope. 
  • Cost Benefit Study: A Cost Benefit Analysis will be prepared by the Analyst Programmer and the Systems Analyst provides support to its preparation by providing the costs associated with the purchase and/or development required to support the system requirements.  A high-level work plan and resource requirements should be developed to support the Cost Benefit study. 
  • Systems Development: Once the project is approved, a comprehensive and practical work plan is prepared defining timetable, deliverables and areas of responsibilities.  A more detailed functional specification report is prepared to ensure accurate understanding of user requirements.  Detailed technical specifications, identifying particular files and outputs, will be drawn out of the functional specifications.  Other issues to be addressed will include: integration, interfaces, environment, data security,   system operations, and effects on policies and procedures.  Regular meeting with the project team and/or systems developer(s) should take place to keep track of the project and to address problems and/or enhancements to user/functional requirements.
  • Systems Configuration:  Maintains application in terms of creation and configuration using available development tools.
  • Systems Testing:  Evaluates and tests new software programs to make sure they work as designed. Programs are evaluated against designer specifications and user requirements. Further revisions and modifications required must be identified.  User acceptance is carried out at this stage.  Major changes to originally agreed upon functional specifications and project scope must be referred to higher management.
  • Systems Implementation: Systems are configured for live implementation.  Conversion plans are designed and conversion data are prepared. Preparation and conduct of user training also happens in this phase.  Additional user requests are listed and evaluated for future enhancements.  The decision to conduct parallel implementation is also done at this stage.
  • Determines the information requirements of the project and the most appropriate and effective information systems per area of specialization.
  • Provides inputs to the budgeting process and cost benefit analysis.
  • Adheres to organization’s Data extraction policies and Network security protocols.
  • Continuously improves his/her skillset by attending seminars, developmental training classes, or conferences related to their function or as needed.
  • Performs functions described above for systems development and implementation.
  • Determines the following :
  • Hardware, software, network and communications requirements of a project
  • Manpower requirements:
    • IT personnel
    • User counterparts
    • Support Personnel
    • Third-party services (consulting, programming, encoding, cabling, training,  etc.)
  • Training needs of project personnel and system users
  • Training requirements (materials, manpower, venue, schedule, etc.)
  • Prepares technical documentation including program designs.  Defines approaches and modeling techniques and consults with the TRMO- DBA with matters pertaining to database designs.
  • Develops and refines programming code for existing and new software development efforts. Determines algorithms, and recommends solutions and resource allocation in arriving at a robust efficient solution.
  • Adheres to Service Oriented Architecture process to transform and maintain middleware applications/ systems into this level for ease of interfaces etc.
  • Prepares unit and module test plans and expected results.  Performs unit and module testing and does corrective actions to resolve all programming – related issues.
  • Conducts system testing and provides technical support during user acceptance, training, conversion, go-live and post go-live stages.  Resolves technical issues resulting from any of the implementation activities.
  • Develops and tests conversion programs.
  • Implements software systems and product enhancements.
  • In instances when additional programming resources are needed for a project, the Developer collaborates with 3rd party developers during software development and makes sure that the output of the 3rd party developers meets the systems requirements and adheres to programming standards
  • Conducts peer code reviews as necessary .
  • Provides 2nd level technical support and problems resolution expertise to support systems maintained by the Solutions Delivery group. Diagnoses technical problems and tests solutions.
  • Mentors and trains peers and less senior software development staff in areas of expertise and internal procedures. Ensures adherence to established procedures and methods
  • Practices teamanship by working with system analysts, analysts programmer, process owners within the Global organization supporting the different Global region
  • Recommends application of technology for work simplification and improvement of productivity.
  • Policies and procedures related to the implementation of new systems or enhancing existing systems
  • Data control procedures upon live implementation of  system for the following activities: flow of transactions and documents  ( e.g. forms, file transfers,  reports) andidentifying and checking data control figures/hash totals to guide systems operations
  • Closely monitors projects and prepares regular status reports of his/her deliverables and that of other team members as necessary.
  • Works closely with the Technology Resource Management and Operation group  in the installation of hardware and software requirements
                        Ensures that:
•          Systems developed are implemented and are operating according to systems design
•          New directives and changes in procedures are communicated with the users, the systems development team and the systems unit
•          System is completely and accurately documented
•          System users and systems operations personnel are properly trained prior to system turnover
•          System controls are effectively put in place
•          Proper feedback mechanism has been designed, implemented and communicated
•          Activity monitoring procedures are in place to ensure that:
•          Use and operations of systems are according to schedule
•          Operation problems are given proper and immediate attention

*** Fluent in both English and Tagalog in both written and spoken format***
•          Graduate of BS degree, preferably Computer Engineering, Computer Science or other related field
•          High aptitude and intelligence
•          Relevant training in IT environment with at least three(3) years of work experience as Programmer / Analyst Programmer
•          Relevant experience in systems development and implementation with at least three(3) years, in a project leader or project management role
•          Strong business sense with exposure to financial, logistics, operations and customer management systems
•          2+  years experience Visual Studio,  VB .NET, C# and Microsoft technologies, Java Scripting
•          RDBMS Experience: MS SQL Server or Oracle
•          Experience in HTML, XML, CSS and Java script
•          Experience with Source control such as MS Visual Source Safe
•          Experience with building reports with Crystal Reports or Cognos
•          Familiar with Design & Modeling using UML
•          Experience in Service Oriented Architecture
•          Experience in NetSuite Business Operating System, SuiteFlex development platform (SuiteBuilder, SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, SuiteBundler) a plus
•          Good project management skills
•          Extensive knowledge on general business processes,  industry practices and standards, operational and management reporting standards
•          Good business, interpersonal and intellectual skills
•          Results and quality-oriented
•          Good team player attitude and customer service orientation
•          Strong verbal, written and presentation skills
•          Knowledge in Internet Technology
•          Knowledge in PC-based, networked environments
•          Knowledge in programming and programming tools and techniques
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