Job Description
Job Title Senior Systems Administrator
Requirement ID 674389
Begin Date 2/26/13
Location Brooklyn,  NY 11218
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Responsibilities of  Senior Systems Administrator:

  • Work closely with a team of developers and QA engineers, understand and anticipate the agile infrastructure needs of the development and testing processes; create an environment where dev and QA work can proceed securely, efficiently, and flexibly.
  • Lead Operations Team efforts to put all of our work into code: With a modern configuration management tool (Opscode Chef), automate the creation and maintenance of a variety of technologically heterogeneous virtual environments in AWS. Apply proper config management principles to the creation and maintenance of these environments.
  • Provide for and anticipate horizontal scaling of environments and anticipate infrastructure growth and expanding needs as the business grows.
  • Provide expertise in load testing new applications for large virtual environment; provide and (on the Operations side) implement advice and suggestions discovered during testing.
  • Work closely with external vendors and PMs to provide infrastructure needs on many dynamic elements of our product suite simultaneously.
  • Provide senior networking expertise to the team.
  • Help plan, improve and maintain build system using Jenkins/Maven/Artifactory to build many heterogeneous artifacts.
  • Be the primary contact from the Operations team auditing our work for security and communicating this to the staging/production team.
  • Work collaboratively to provide senior infrastructure guidance to the team for short-term issues and long-term planning and vision.


Basic Qualifications of Senior Systems Administrator:

  • BS in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience is required
  • 5+ years of experience with UNIX systems administration, with the 2 most recent years being Linux
  • Ability to write complex scripts in a major scripting language (Bourne, Python, Ruby), and some experience in a programming language (C/C++/Java)
  • Experience with and knowledge of virtualization technologies
  • Proven ability to diagnose complex networking issues using standard tools (tcpdump, wireshark, iptraf, smokeping, ntop)
  • Proven systems and networking expertise (strace/gdb/systemTap debugging, custom kernels, various firewalls and load balancers, IDS)
  • Extensive experience with standard Linux/UNIX daemons (apache, ssh, cron, bind, ldap, heartbeat, syslog, ntp)
  • Guru-level troubleshooting experience with databases (MySQL)


Preferred Qualifications of  Senior Systems Administrator:

  • Thorough understanding of configuration management concepts
  • Demonstrated deep understanding of TCP/IP networking concepts
  • Familiarity with mobile app development, testing, and distribution tools (iOS and Android)
  • 2+ Years working with AWS and familiarity interacting with the AWS APIs and working with tools such as Boto or Knife; experience with networking, properly architecting high availability systems, and security in an AWS context
  • Understanding of data backup and recovery, experience within an AWS context
  • 2+ years working with a modern configuration management tool such as Chef, Puppet, or Cfengine 3; thorough understanding of configuration management concepts


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