Boring Mill Operator Fraser,  MI

Boring Mill Operator

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Boring Mill Operator
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Fraser,  MI 48026
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Verify conformance of machined work to specifications, using measuring instruments, such as calipers, micrometers, or fixed or telescoping gauges.
Study machining instructions, job orders, or blueprints to determine dimensional or finish specifications, sequences of operations, setups, or tooling requirements.
Select and set cutting speeds, feed rates, depths of cuts, and cutting tools, according to machining instructions or knowledge of metal properties.
Install tools in spindles.
Change worn cutting tools, using wrenches.
Position and secure workpieces on tables, using bolts, jigs, clamps, shims, or other holding devices.
Move machine controls to lower tools to workpieces and to engage automatic feeds.
Turn valves and direct flow of coolants or cutting oil over cutting areas.
Operate single- or multiple-spindle drill presses to bore holes so that machining operations can be performed on metal or plastic workpieces.
Establish zero reference points on workpieces, such as at the intersections of two edges or over hole locations.
-Tools used in this occupation:
Boring tools — Horizontal boring mills; Jig boring machines
Gage block set — Gauge blocks; Precision gauges
Gauges or inspection fixtures — Surface gauges; Telescoping gauges
Mainframe console or dumb terminals — Computer terminals
Shim — Shims
Workshop presses — Computerized numerical control CNC drill presses; Multiple spindle drill presses; Radial drill presses; Single spindle drill presses
-Technology used in this occupation:
Industrial control software — Computerized numerical control CNC software
Inventory management software — Automated inventory software
Spreadsheet software — Microsoft Excel
Word processing software — Microsoft Word
Required Skills

Minimum 5 years exp.
DeVleig exp. is good to have and or Horizontal or Verticale Saddle Type Boring Mill exp. is good have


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