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Junior PHP Developer

Job Title
Junior PHP Developer
Job ID
El Paso,  TX
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Career Evolutions is searching for a Junior PHP Developer for a fast-growing consulting company in software development industry in El Paso, TX. Full-time, direct hire opportunity with compensation up to $50,000.

Job Overview

The PHP Developer produces quality software code and architectures to turn customer’s business needs into reality. This takes the form of integrations, customizations, and configurations of the Customers’ CRM and related applications. 
This role has little “system support” duties; it is about creating new features, functionality for a specific set of goals for a client within the context of a project.
Typically a consultant is paired with one or more engineers as a project team who work together to implement customer projects using an established communication plan and repeatable, well understood processes which fit the collective abilities of team members.  The PHP Developer / CRM Engineer will focus on the entirety of implementation cycle which includes:
•         Validate customer requirements with the Consultant as projects start.
•         Create or adapt requirements to the necessary architecture.
•         Create functional designs necessary to implement the work.
•         Create test cases to prove completion of each design element.
•         Use PHP, CSS, AJAX and HTML5 for user interface and design implementations.
•         Implement customizations to data model to capture customer specific information needed in their unique CRM sites.
•         Create SugarCRM application-based workflows and business rules to map system behavior to customer’s specific needs.
•         Create integrations to external systems such as ERP, CRM and other tools using SOAP or REST based web services, direct database connections, or batch file transfers.
•         Perform system, unit and integration testing on the works created for the given projects.
•         Make incremental, post release changes to production applications in response to support requests.

Required Skills

•         Minimum 3 years of professional experience as a software developer.
•         At least 2 years of full time, recent experience following mature SDLC policy in a structured professional software development environment.
•         Strong understanding and relevant workplace experience with object oriented programming (OOP).
•         Fluency and workplace experience with PHP.
•         Experience in Database script development, preferably with MySQL but other database platforms are relevant as well.
•         Experience in defining and executing unit test cases that align with overall project functional requirements to ensure quality of works created.
•         Experience in utilizing version control tools to manage software projects.
•         Understand SOA architecture principles with experience implementing web services using SOAP or REST.

Required Characteristics

·         Enjoy working in a young, fun and collaborative environment.

·         Able to communicate openly and candidly; ask questions and give inputs supported by a logical, analytical thought process.

·         Enjoy working with colleagues who are at varying levels of professional experience, and enjoy sharing unique skills and experience within the team.

·         Able to exercise independent judgment within a team setting, understanding that having a shared vision and set of expectations within the team are critical to the overall success of the team and individual.

·         A voracious learner who understands that technology and customers have evolving wants, needs and capabilities; not content to stand still and wait to be told what to do or learn.

·         Possess good time and task management skills.  As the product of this consulting company is the “time and expertise” provided to customers, it is critical that the individual is always providing value to customers within time frames that meet agreed to timelines and budgets set jointly with customers. There are never any open ended projects.

·         Enjoy project based work.  Value that each project is a new business, a new model, and new goals to solve.

·         Accountable not only for his/her own work, but the collective success of the team.  The company measures collective success to a large degree.

·         Very detail oriented; focus on completing assigned tasks fully in a self-directed manner.


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