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Job Description
Job Title Agile Master
Job ID 656681
Location Scottsdale,  AZ 85260
Other Location
Description JOB TITLE: Agile Master
The Master is a facilitative team leader who ensures that the team adheres to its chosen process and removes blocking issues or impediments. The Master is the person that warrants that the team is functional and productive.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (Detailed tasks, duties and responsibilities)
  • Enforces the Methodology Rules.
  • Ensures that the team is fully functional and productive.
  • Enables close cooperation across all roles and functions.
  • Removes obstacles and facilitates tools.
  • Shields the team from external interferences.
  • Ensures that the process is followed, including issuing invitations to daily scrums, sprint reviews, sprint planning, and retrospectives.
  • Coaches the team and PO in the different aspects of the methodology.
  • Radiates information relevant to the team. (i.e. metrics)
  • Facilitates creativity and empowerment for the team.
CORE COMPETENCIES: (knowledge, skills and abilities required)
  • Has solid understanding and practical experience applying Agile principles and practices in software companies, ideally in a multi-cultural and multi-location environment.
  • Has great communication skills, both verbally and in written.
  • Is a great facilitator and encourages open communication.
  • Is proactive and a strong win-win negotiator when attempting to provide any suggestions to his/her peers and team members.
  • Promotes team building, cohesiveness and collaboration.
  • Leads by example and is congruent in his/her actions.
  • Is able to create, prepare and deliver formal presentations to groups of any size across all organizational levels.
CREDENTIALS AND OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: (Education, years of experience, types of experience, certifications)
  • Experience with Agile teams as a Scrum Master / Agile Coach
  • Nice to have: Scrum Master Certification
  • Nice to have: Experience in the Logistics industry.
HIGH PERFORMING BEHAVIORS- patience, ability to adapt to change,
  • Is capable of adapting to new processes and methodologies.
  • Is able to start and maintain conversations in a clear, appropriate, informed and straight manner even when there is a disagreement.
  • Uses and promotes the use of all the regular communication channels (e.g. status reports, phone calls, follow up on e-mails, etc.).
  • Is resourceful when there is a need to communicate or escalate any issue or potential issue.
  • Is able to build a collaboration atmosphere between the customer’s and teams.
What percentage of the work is conducted over the  phone, in person or via email communication.
80% in person, 20% for the rest (e-mail, phone, etc.)
Percentage of work performed alone or with other people (collaboration required)
95% collaborative, 5% alone.
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