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Job Title Agile Project Manager
Requirement ID 653684
Begin Date 10/16/12
Location Atlanta,  GA 30097
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Description  - Servant Leader - The  Agile Project Manager must be able to gain respect from their agile team, be willing to help in any area of the team and be willing to put other's interests first in order to make the team successful.

 - Scrum/Agile Skill Master - Must possess a very strong understanding of Agile/Scrum principles and concepts and demonstrate previous application of those skills.

 - Communicative and Social - Communication within the team, throughout the organization and with executives/stakeholders is a critical quality.

 - Facilitative - The  Agile Project Manager must be able to lead and demonstrate the proper Scrum Master skills to the team and reinforce the importance of the standard Scrum principles.

 - Influential - Must be able to help the team make clear decisions and enforce Scrum concepts, ensuring that they are adhered to.

 - Situationally Aware - When issues arise, the  Agile Project Manager must be able to detect the issue, evaluate, facilitate the resolution and escalate to management when there is an impasse.

 - Enthusiastic - Must be positive, encouraging and provide infectious energy to the team.

 - Continuous Improvement - Must first realize that mistakes will be made, but will identify those mistakes and become a better Scrum Master because of it. Should continuously be evaluating new tools and techniques in order to improve oneself and the team.

 - Conflict Resolution - Addressing problems by facilitating discussions and identifying solutions.

 - Attitude of Empowerment - Must be able to lead a team to self-organization
 - Attitude of Transparency - Must grow business trust in the team by providing full disclosure and being transparent in actions, struggles and achievements of the team.

 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Technology or relative field.

 At least 8+ years experience in managing development projects with onsite-offshore teams.

 CSM (Certified Scrum Master) certification, with 2+ years of on-the-job experience.

 Very well versed with project management principles - risk management, issue management, dependency management, etc

 Excellent verbal and written communication skills, especially high ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical people

 Possess positive and professional communication skills with all levels of stakeholders and management

 Dependable, organized, and highly motivated with ability to multi-task

 Technically aware to be able to work with developers & Testers directly.....( Java and Tibco exposure would be PLUS )

Required Skills • Must be a certified scrum master
• Must have demonstrated experience in JIRA Green hopper
• Should have a technical background in JAVA
• The project manager should be have an experience of both an agile consultant and agile project manager as he will have bring his expertise and deliver the project using the agile methodology. This will require him to set up process , manage and guide the team .
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