Job Description

Job Title *Sr. Engineer - Operational Engineering (Python)
Requirement ID 652966
Begin Date 10/9/12
Duration 6+ Months
Location St. Petersburg,  FL 33716
Other Location
Do you enjoy solving challenging problems? We're looking for a Senior Developer for a six (6)+ month contract to help us extend our enterprise offerings.  Bring your experience in operational engineering to a fast pace and innovative environment. 
  • Help design, scale and maintain our software infrastructure
  • Develop and maintain scripts that automate frequent software deployment
  • Develop monitoring and notification tools and infrastructure that allow insight into our running software systems.
  • Work closely with other developers to ensure that all requirements for deployment are made explicit
  • Manage configuration and deployment on Heroku
  • Deep understanding of Linux operating system
  • Familiarity with building, deploying, and maintaining Linux software
  • Ability to learn new software systems in depth
  • Expertise with Python and bash (and knowledge of when each is appropriate)
  • Knowledge of existing monitoring and configuration management tools (pip, monit, supervisord, fabric, munin, etc.)
  • Experience with SQL databases (PostgreSQL and Oracle)
  • Experience with DVCS (hg, git)
  • Experience with nginx and apache configuration
  • Experience with scaling and replication with PostgreSQL
  • Software security experience
  • Experience with continuous integration/continuous deployment
Required Skills Linux, Python, bash, Configuration management tools (POP, Monit, etc)
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