Manufacturing Engineer Manager

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Manufacturing Engineer Manager
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Portland,  TN 37148
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Manufacturing Engineer Manager
Primary Purpose: To organize, supervise and manage new manufacturing processes and projects. To ensure our customers are afforded world class technology and processes. Insure existing tooling and welding processes are performing to expected levels
Education Requirements                                                                                                                            
·               High School Graduate                                                                                                               
·               Associates Degree in related field preferred                                                                 
·               Post-Secondary Technical Trade School or extensive experience in related fields       
Experience Requirements                                                                                                                          
·               Five years stamping or related field                                                                                                  
·               Five years design/ engineering                                                                                                            
·               Five years Manufacturing                                                                                                       
·               Journeyman Tool & Die  Certification preferred                                                                           
·               Proficient with CAD software                                                                                                               
·               Five Years Welding Experience                                                                                                            
·               Knowledgeable of OSHA general industry and press related standards                                            
·               Electrical controls/ systems knowledge                                                                                           
·               P.M. systems and methodology                                                                                                           
Training Requirements                                                                                                                
·                  TS-16949                                                                                                                         
·                  Lean Manufacturing / JIT                                                                                                         
·                  Six Sigma                                                                                                                        
·                  Mistake Proofing / Creative Problem Solving / Kaizen
·                  Team Building                                                                                                                              
·                  SPC / FMEA                                                                                                                    
·                  Blueprint / GD&T                                                                                                                        
Skill Requirements                                                                                                                                        
·               5 years press/stamping experience                                                                                                   
·               Solid Project Management skills                                                                                                         
·               Working knowledge of P.M. systems                                                                                                
·               Will have the ability to work a schedule that allows completion of the job on a daily basis.   
·               Will possess the organizational skills necessary to maintain company records in compliance with       the Manufacturing Department and TS-16949.
·               Must possess the ability to work with all levels of company management as well as customers and vendors.                                                                                                                           
Principle Duties and/or Responsibilities                                                                                                                             
Ensure safety, process capability, efficiency and standardization across Client facilities through Client machine standards and designs.     
·               Troubleshoot problems at production equipment                                                                      
·               Assist in upgrade of preventive maintenance program.                                                                           
·               Responsible for completion of capital plan per budget.                                                                           
·               Ensure the company is on the leading edge in equipment and process.                                           
·               Focus over the next few years will be set-up reduction, welding, clutch, brake and feeder dependability
·               Responsible for facility's condition.                                                                                                   
·               Work with production and quality assurance to ensure good, quality parts.                                   
·               Assist in FMEA's pre-production planning and initial samples.                                                              
·               Assist in training of plant personnel.                                                                                                 
·               Responsible for future plant expansion                                                                                           
·               Responsible for on-going plant layout improvements.                                                                             
·               Assist in insuring a safe work environment.                                                                   
·               Assistance in preparation of strategic plan and budget.                                                                           
·               Participate in Associate involvement teams.                                                                 
·               Upgrade self with training as required for job responsibilities.                                                            
·               Responsible for improving the ability and technology of the welding department to include mig welding
·               Must be able to travel to other plants in U.S., Canada and Mexico.                                     
·               Listen to each employee's problems and make sure to follow up on their suggestions.            
·               Praise the employee for a job well done.                                                                                       
·               Stress the need to team work.                                                                                                             
·               Be positive                                                                                                                    
·               Look for ways to improve, given the environment.                                                                    
·               Hard work, job knowledge and honesty will create respect and make you a leader.   
·               Lead by example.                                                                                                                       
·               Ensure all employees follow the safety policy.                                                                            
·               Keep the work area clean.                                                                                                      
·               Follow all safety rules.                                                                                                             
Follow the lockout/tag out procedures.
Required Skills

Education Requirements
· High School Graduate
· Associates Degree in related field preferred
· Post-Secondary Technical Trade School or extensive experience in related fields

Experience Requirements
· Five years stamping or related field
· Five years design/ engineering
· Five years Manufacturing
· Journeyman Tool & Die Certification preferred
· Proficient with CAD software
· Five Years Welding Experience
· Knowledgeable of OSHA general industry and press related standards
· Electrical controls/ systems knowledge
· P.M. systems and methodology

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