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Technical/IT Business Analyst - Process Automation, Systems Analysis, DevOps (100% Remote Option) - Contract to hire

Job Title
Technical/IT Business Analyst - Process Automation, Systems Analysis, DevOps (100% Remote Option) - Contract to hire
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Allen,  TX 75025
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Title:  Technical/IT Business Analyst - Process Automation, Systems Analysis, DevOps (100% Remote Option)

Our History:
From our start in 2009, Conexess has established itself in 3 markets, employing nearly 200+ individuals nation-wide. Operating in over 15 states, our client base ranges from Fortune 500/1000 companies, to mid-small range companies. For the majority of the mid-small range companies, we are exclusively used due to our outstanding staffing track record

Who We Are:
Conexess is a full-service staffing firm offering contract, contract-to hire, and direct placements. We have a wide range of recruiting capabilities extending from help desk technicians to CIOs. We are also capable of offering project based work.

Job Description

Conexess Group is hiring an Advanced Business Process Automation Analyst within the ERP Applications team. This newly formed team is responsible for reimagining the way the organization works, transforming our current legacy applications and incorporating automated processes.

This position will be responsible for observing and collaborating with users performing manual tasks and process flows to identify appropriate opportunities for automation. This will include creating efficiencies in the overall process, designing solutions for automation, collaborating with development, and testing.

A successful candidate for this role is someone who is known to be:

  • Motivated. You take initiative and get things done within aggressive deadlines.
  • Passionate about your work, Driven to learn new things, and Eager to work hard.
  • Flexible. What we did yesterday may not be how we do it today.
  • Observant enough to notice when something could benefit from automation, and Imaginative enough to think through ways to accomplish it.
  • Meticulous in thinking broadly and preventing gaps, ensuring high-quality solutions.
  • Comfortable and Inspired by a strong team environment with a focus on collaboration, where often the best solution is a hybrid of several team members' ideas.

You Believe

  • Change is a way of life and evolving every day is a necessary aspect of positive change.
  • Being part of a team is about having each other's backs and helping each other succeed.
  • Success is about meeting the users', company's, and team's needs, not any one individual's specific agenda.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelors degree.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in any of the following: Technical Business Analyst/Systems Analyst or DevOps administration.
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years of experience in process automation.
  • Must be able to travel up to 25% to attend meetings, training or to attend a professional conference.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with one or more automation tools.
  • Strong familiarity and interest in working within the DevOps philosophy.
  • Basic Python capabilities.
  • Project management and business analysis knowledge and abilities.
  • MS O365 capabilities.

Essential Functions

  • Advocates for the increased usage of automation tools and practices across the organization and guides users through process improvement requests.
  • Advocates a culture of change, automation, and continuous process improvement across the organization.
  • Explores new automation tools and technologies, always keeping the future at the forefront of all activities and decisions.
  • Invests time in designing smart, flexible, and scalable solutions that focus on increasing workforce productivity by automating tedious tasks and incorporating workflow to minimize or eliminate manual steps, guide users through correct process flows, and automate communications.
  • Collaborates with users to gain an understanding of their current and desired process flows, identifying opportunities for automation.
  • Interacts with users to gather and define requirements for process automation, specifying the conditions, inputs, and outputs.
  • Creates business process maps, exception scenarios, and test plans and procedures.
  • Partners with Business Transformation Analysts to prioritize automation efforts based on the goals defined in the business transformation strategy for the product or group of products.
  • Defines metrics to capture baseline data and analyze the impact of the automated solution once implemented.
  • Collaborates with other team members to formulate plans. Combines efforts when necessary to ensure efficiency and high-quality automation efforts that consider all impacted teams and solutions.
  • Works with a team of development, operational, and transformational resources to design, develop/configure, test, and release new solutions or applications.
  • Creates and delivers informative, professional, and engaging materials or presentations that simplify complex data to ensure comprehension at any given level of audience.
  • Ensures that automated process releases meet defined specifications, quality, and productivity goals.
  • May act as a mentor to less experienced Business Process Automation Analysts.


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