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Software Development Team Lead (Opportunity to move into Management)

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Software Development Team Lead (Opportunity to move into Management)
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McKinney,  TX 75070
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Title:  Software Development Team Lead (Opportunity to move into Management)


We are seeking a talented Software Development Team Lead who shares our client's goal to create the best product on the market.  We are looking for someone who has been hands on in development; but also possesses the qualities of a team leader (mentorship, guidance, positive mentality, problem solving skills, 'big picture' thinker, etc.).  The goal (if desired by the candidate) would be to move into a management role!  This role will have high visibility and has opportunity for growth and promotion.

Our client does the impossible. They are looking for the type of person that stares an overwhelming problem in the face and knows how to pick the problem apart until they find a solution. You are the type of person who loves making products that your customer loves. You take pride in quality code which is resilient, reliable, and maintainable. Whenever you set out to fix a problem, you build a tool to solve the original problem and dozens of other problems which are related to it but may not yet be realized.

You will be working on a platform that runs a field service company B2E. Your work will impact every part of the customer lifecycle including sales, marketing, scheduling, CRM, billing, mobile field service applications, communication (SMS, email, voice, snail mail, push notifications, etc...), credit card processing, reporting, customer portals, reviews, and more! We work with dozens of APIs and frameworks and are truly a platform on which our customers utilize as their primary and central tool.



•   Oversee the technologies, tools and techniques used within the team

•   Work closely with the business and engineers on issues related to design and requirements

•   Ensure that development standards, policies and procedures are adhered to 

•   Drive change to implement efficient and effective strategies as advised by management

•   Develop and implement IT standards and procedures to aid in the development of high quality software. Ensure that all Engineers within the team understand and follow existing IT standards.

•   Implement complex and core functionality within our platform related to scheduling, payments and billing, route optimization, automated tasks, internal / external APIs, etc.

•   Help the data conversion department and find ways to automate and improve existing systems and processes.

•   Work on complex database conversions for new customers using mySQL, SQL Server, AWS.

•   Write scripts to alter business critical datasets with millions of rows of data.

•   Help mentor and coach members of our development team.

•   Work with the latest technologies and tools to solve the oldest problems which affect our customers.



•   Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.

•   Leadership Qualities: 

  • Team builder. 
  • Delegation.
  • Autonomy.
  • Motivation. 
  • Coaching.
  • Problem solving. 
  • Integrity.

•   At least 5 years expert level database skills and ability to write complex and mission critical SQL/mySQL queries

•   At least 5 experience working with business critical systems (banking, CRM, field services, etc…)

•   At least 5 experience implementing complex and core features into a mature code base

•   At least 2 years experience working within Agile environment. Understanding of Agile SDLC.

•   2+ years of experience with git.

•   Experience with front end technology is a plus

•   Proficiency in one or more OOP languages: Python, Java, C#, PHP is preferred

•   Proficiency in one or more RDBMS databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL is preferred

•   Proven ability to track down, solve, and release solutions to bugs and issues

•   Experience working with a client facing web application

•   Experience with version control and deployment strategies

•   Experience working with servers (preferably apache and ubuntu) is a plus

•   High attention to detail and ability to take responsibility for core changes

•   Passion for development and high desire to release code

The preferred tool is PHP with the LAMP stack. We also want this person to have extensive database experience (that can be SQL/ or MYSQL). 



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