Full Stack Developer- (Part Time to start in LA or remote)

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Full Stack Developer- (Part Time to start in LA or remote)
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Los Angles,  CA 90210
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Manager:  Stephen Cotrina, CTO

Position:  Full Stack Developer- (Part Time to start in LA or remote)

www.auxxit.com is looking for an experienced part-time (or potentially Full Time) Client-Side Developer who has worked with a major messaging app company to join our team - someone with a passion for design, collaborative mindset, and effective problem-solving skills.  As a Client-Side Developer, you’d be responsible for working closely with other engineers to create beautiful, intuitive, functional user experiences for a ground-up Android and iOS application using ReactJS, React-Native, Node.JS, Express.JS and MongoDB.  Our MVP has been in development for 1 year and we are about to release and start building on that foundation with UI and feature additions.

We have 100 ideas on the idea board we want to find someone to integrate the best ones to our chat platform. 

We are looking for someone who understands the flow of communications within a real-time group chat room.  The candidate should understand the business decisions that drive UX and UI implementations into a group messaging app (like admin tools and rules, privacy and encryption, incorporating various media options into chat rooms, etc.).  We will review the look and feel of the candidate’s prior work from a UI and UX perspective. Our application is a social marketplace solution and must appeal to a broad array of user types.


Required Skills:

·        Intermediate level (advance preferred) experience with the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS and Node.JS)

·        Intermediate level experience with React Native

·        2 years of working experience in front-end development

·        Building back-end API’s using Node.js and Express.Js

·        NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB, Redis)

·        Web sockets and related frameworks (e.g. Socket.IO)

·        Git version control and GitHub

·        RESTful APIs and basic authentication mechanisms such as Cookie authentication and JWT.

·        Entrepreneurial drive to create successful products

·        Fluent in English


Preferred Skills:

·        BDD or TDD

·        3rd party API Integrations

·        Firebase

·        AWS Suites

·        Redux

Required Skills

Client-Side Developer

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