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House Monitor

Job Title
House Monitor
Position ID
San Jose,  CA 95112
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The live-in House Monitor will provide direct resident support and supervision to assist minor and Non Minor Dependents (NMDs) in a transitional housing setting. This is an unpaid position.  The House monitor will receive free housing in lieu of salary.  The presence and oversight of the House Monitor will assist residents in maintaining safety, and achieving individualized service plan goals. The primary objective is to have involvement and encouragement in order to support the residents to excel and develop essential independent living skills. The House Monitor will take an active role mentoring the residents and ensuring they are meeting curfew, maintaining home cleanliness, and following house rules.



  • None



  • Minimum 2 years’ experience working with at-risk youth or adolescent children in a residential setting.
  • Must be at least 26 years of age
  • 60 completed college units from an accredited institution preferred
  • Must have general evening availability 7 nights a week

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE (but not limited to):

  • Make sure residents are supplying household needs such as groceries, linens, cleaning supplies, repairs etc.
  • Make sure house is secured and maintained in a safe manner
  • Responsible for weekly collaboration with Facility Manager to ensure grocery shopping and assigned tasks are completed.
  • Work in collaboration with Facility Manager to report progress in the home by meeting with residents individually on a weekly basis to discuss and track progress in program.
  • Maintains resident records and incident reports as required
  • Must work together with management team to insure safety of program
  • Meet with Facility Manager once a week to discuss weekly planning and resident issues, or as needed.
  • Act as Community & neighborhood liaison.
  • Help facilitate community House meeting once a month with individual resident staff, case manager, and UC staff, as appropriate
  • Spend time in the common areas of the house/apartment complex interacting with the residents. The goal of this is to build a healthy, mentoring relationship between the resident and the monitor. You are a role model for these young individuals.
  • Assist residents with daily living responsibilities such as meal preparation, chores, time management, and conflict resolution. The monitor should be available for the residents to ask questions, seek advice, and assist when possible.
  • Responsible for enforcing the house rules, setting limits and consequences with the residents which will be determined in collaboration with the case manager.
  • Notify the Facility Manager of rule violations and any other immediate concerns.
  • Provide the Facility Manager, as well as the Program Manager, with scheduled time he/she will be at the site, and times scheduled to be away. It is an expectation that the monitor will be present at the home 7 nights out of the week.
  • Notify the program manager 7 days in advance if time away is needed.  If requesting 7 days or more at a time, 30 day’s advance notice is required.
  • House Monitor will be limited time away from site to 14 consecutive days and a total of 20 days during a year period. Provide Facility Manager with an emergency contact for self.
  • Follow ethics policy regarding “professional relationship with residents”; that is, monitor is not to enter into a sexual of financial relationship with residents
  • Overnight guests are not permitted, unless it is your minor child
  • The monitor will refrain from use of alcohol/drugs in the home.
  • The monitor is a mandated reporter; that is, he/she must report to CPS and Facility Manager any suspicion of child abuse immediately.
  • Must understand and sign agreement regarding confidentiality.
  • Check in with residents daily, and document this in the residential daily log on AWARDS
  • Supervise and monitor general upkeep and house cleanliness including front and back yards.  Monitor residents’ chores and room; assign chores, sign off chores each day, update chore book weekly, give residents a time frame when chores will be checked and demonstrate how the chore is to be done.
  • Collect and distribute mail daily
  • Conduct weekly maintenance check of property and turn in report to case manager