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If you share our passion for long-term care, the pharmacy industry and enjoy working in a highly collaborative, innovative and hands-on work environment, we'd love to hear from you.

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Pharmacy Nurse Consultant
Job Title
Pharmacy Nurse Consultant
Open until filled
Vancouver,  WA 98683
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PropacPayless is a leading specialty service pharmacy, we offer a wide range of customized pharmacy services for the following markets: 
•    Skilled nursing/intermediate care facilities
•    Assisted living/residential care centers
•    Behavioral health communities
•    Correctional facilities

We are seeking a Pharmacy Nurse Consultant to support our Vancouver facility. This position provide audits, reviews, observations, inspections, education, customer service and assist consultant pharmacists in various assigned audits.

Primary Functions:

•    Focus on customer service.
•    Visit accounts per facility contracts or as requested per supervisor
•    Conduct in-service training as requested and per facility contracts. Provide additional in-services and training as required i.e.; a facility is not following pharmacy policy and procedures, turn-over in staff that could require additional training, pharmacy has implemented new products, services, or information.
•    Stay abreast and participate whenever possible in facility functions i.e.; open house, health fairs, brown bag days, social events
•    Respond to facility needs and request in a timely manner, as long as the request falls within PropacPayLess’s standards, otherwise notify supervisor for approval
•    Maintain Facility Visit Fax Report; knowledge of capacity, current census, current customer base. Submit on a quarterly basis to senior management; concerns, monthly comments, facility changes in name of facility, address, phone/fax numbers, staff changes such as Director of Nurses, Nurse Manager, Administrator, and “key staff” that effects pharmacy operations, number of beds, services PropacPayLess provides to the facility, growth from the parent company, and any other pertinent information

•    Identifies any irregularities in Med Room Med Carts, Treatment Carts, E-Boxes and MARs per PropacPayLess Standards
•    Visit accounts per facility contracts or as requested by supervisor
•    Assist fellow nurses with assigned or delegated tasks as requested by supervisor
•    Any miscellaneous assigned tasks/duties as requested by supervisor

•    Identify problems or issues and notify supervisor
•    Develop and implement a plan for resolution
•    Monitor progress weekly (more frequently if needed) until improvement is established

•    Help organize and participate in trade shows, social events, training seminars and other events as need arises or as directed by supervisor
•    Attend scheduled consultant/management meetings as requested
•    Monitor and share competitive information with the management team to help PropacPayLess maintain a competitive edge
•    Deliver yearly materials i.e.; holiday gifts, yearly drug information handbooks, etc. Ability and flexibility to assist other nurses or account managers in the event of absence, vacations or as directed by supervisor
•    Performs all other duties as assigned
•    Employees are expected to be on time, ready to work and deal with co-workers in a courteous, professional manner. Employees must have an excellent attendance record and reliability a must.  Good customer service skills are to be utilized toward employees and customers alike.  Cross training may be required.


Company Wide Responsibilities: 
01. Supports a dignified and caring atmosphere of the company.
02. Protects privacy and confidentiality of information pertaining to the resident, employee, company information and records.
03. Maintains a safe and secure working environment and practices safe working habits.
04. Adheres strictly to company policy and procedures as well as Medicare standards and practices.
05. Complies with the attendance policy.
06. Maintains neat appearance, good personal hygiene and appropriate attire.
07. Participates in continuing education, training, in-services, and attends staff meetings as required.
08. Assists with projects as assigned and performs other related duties.

If you share our passion for long-term care, the pharmacy industry and enjoy working in a highly collaborative, innovative and hands-on work environment, we'd love to hear from you.

PropacPayless Pharmacy seeks to allow equal employment opportunities for all qualified persons without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status or any other status protected by law.

Required Skills
• High School degree or equivalent
• Current RN licenses in good standing in Oregon and Washington states and any other states deemed necessary by supervisor
• Previous experience in pharmacy or healthcare related fields
• Knowledge of State and Federal regulations for facility locations
• Knowledge of community based care
• Strong communication skills
• Public speaking ability
• Able to work independently
• Flexibility in hours and time off
• Problem solving skills
• Ability to handle difficult customers
• Liability Insurance current as mandated by PropacPayLess. Mandate Insurance Fees associated with PropacPayLess will be reimbursed to employee by submitting invoice/receipt. A copy of Insurance Policy must be provided to PropacPayLess and placed in personnel file
• Software programs include but not limited to: HBS, Microsoft Office, Workflow