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If you share our passion for long-term care, the pharmacy industry and enjoy working in a highly collaborative, innovative and hands-on work environment, we'd love to hear from you.

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Pharmacy Shipper (Vancouver, WA)
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Pharmacy Shipper (Vancouver, WA)
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Vancouver,  WA 98683
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PropacPayless is a leading specialty service pharmacy, we offer a wide range of customized pharmacy services for the following markets: 
•    Skilled nursing/intermediate care facilities
•    Assisted living/residential care centers
•    Behavioral health communities
•    Correctional facilities

We are seeking a Shipper in our Vancouver facilitiy. This position us responsible for final packing of medications and delivery to residents and facilities accurately and timely. 

Primary Functions:

01. Assist shipping staff as needed with scanning, preparation of medications for shipping and delivery.
02. Sorting of medications for delivery
03. Loading medications from sorting boxes into shipping containers
04. Preparing refrigerated medications for shipment
Printing of labels and packers
05. QA of medications when they are placed into a delivery container to insure proper delivery to correct resident and facility.
06. Employees are expected to be on time, ready to work and deal with co-workers in a courteous, professional manner. Employees must have an excellent attendance record and reliability a must. Good customer service skills are to be utilized toward employees and customers alike. Cross training may be required.
07. Ensure that all medications are properly packaged for shipping, ie, glass, refrigerated medications, IV medications, soft goods (if applicable to site).
08. Accurately check all orders and verify home codes prior to departure
09. Accurately complete drivers log at the beginning, during and end of shift.
10. Load vehicle efficiently as per delivery log.
11. Communicate professional with facilities, co-workers and supervisors to insure issues are resolved timely.
12. Must be able to deliver in all weather conditions.
13. Performs all other duties as required

Company Wide Responsibilities: 
01. Supports a dignified and caring atmosphere of the company.
02. Protects privacy and confidentiality of information pertaining to the resident, employee, company information and records.
03. Maintains a safe and secure working environment and practices safe working habits.
04. Adheres strictly to company policy and procedures as well as Medicare standards and practices.
05. Complies with the attendance policy.
06. Maintains neat appearance, good personal hygiene and appropriate attire.
07. Participates in continuing education, training, in-services, and attends staff meetings as required.
08. Assists with projects as assigned and performs other related duties.

If you share our passion for long-term care, the pharmacy industry and enjoy working in a highly collaborative, innovative and hands-on work environment, we'd love to hear from you.

PayLess Drug seeks to allow equal employment opportunities for all qualified persons without regard to race, religion, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status or any other status protected by law.

Required Skills
01. Must have valid drivers license with proof of current automobile insurance.
02. Insurable driving record.
03. Follows dress code and wears identification badge at all times
04. Ability to read and understand maps of all types and obeys all traffic and vehicle laws.