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Training Specialist

Job Title
Training Specialist
Job ID
Northville,  MI
Other Location

Position Functions:

  • Schedule, and conduct training programs for customers and internal personnel. 
  • Ensure that scheduled customer training is correct in content.  Modify the deliverable to the specific needs of the plant and student when necessary. 
  • Assist with development of training materials for new products, applications, or other required deliverables. 

Training Specialists may be responsible for providing support services such as extended education, launch support, systems maintenance support as well as note and report additional opportunities discovered to account teams.

Measures of Accountability:

  • Prepares and ships appropriate equipment for scheduled training events.
  • Completes project records (Activity log, Expense report for each training class conducted). 
  • Collects sign in sheets, student evaluations and skills assessments and uploads them to designated document storage system for record keeping and training manager review. 
  • Identifies errors in the training materials, notes and corrects as required in the source file.  If unable to correct then notifies the training manager of the errors found. 
  • Checks for content and proper operation of all training demonstration equipment prior to shipping to a site, and returned from a site.

Minimum Education / Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree with 3 years of equivalent work experience in technical training or dimensional measurement or equivalent work related experience.
  • Experience teaching/training adult learners (andragogy); technical writing and documentation skills.


To perform this job successfully an individual must be able to demonstrate:

  • Willingness and tolerance for travel (up to 60%).
  • Experience in training others using up-to-date concepts and methods.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Spanish, Portuguese desired.
    • Technical skills commensurate with the subject matter is required for all language requirements
  • Ability to maintain and promote motivation in training environments.
  • Ability to maintain composure and professionalism in challenging situations.
  • Adaptability to (sometimes) rapidly changing circumstances.
  • Willingness to contribute to continuous improvement of training methods/materials.
  • Knowledge of MS Windows and Office suite.
  • Knowledge of Geometric Dimension and Tolerance would be a plus.

Minimum Physical Requirements:

  • All physical demands associated with air travel and hotel stay.
  • Ability to navigate/negotiate plant floor environment.
  • Ability to lift/carry loads up to 50 lbs.

Required Training / Certifications:

  • Complete relevant training from Internal Training Matrix, within 3 months.
  • Complete relevant professional training (Instructor Techniques, How Adults Learn, and Content Development tools).
  • OJT required to ensure that essential duties and responsibilities can be adequately met on an annual basis.

Optional Training / Certifications:

Adobe Captivate, Photoshop, Illustrator for media creation.

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