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Special Operations Sensitive Activities and Compartmented Program/Budget Analyst

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Special Operations Sensitive Activities and Compartmented Program/Budget Analyst
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Offsite - Pentagon

·         Demonstrated knowledge of the executive/legislative decision making process.

·         Demonstrated knowledge of USSOCOM, subordinate organizations, DOD, and Service roles and missions. Skill in dealing effectively with voluminous amounts of information.

·         Experience in preparing and presenting highly complex technical material or highly complex issues, or both, to non-specialists.

·         Experience in assessing the political and institutional environment in which decisions are made and implemented.

·         Demonstrated ability to exercise judgment in all phases of analysis -- ranging from sorting out the most important problems, to sifting evidence, and framing feasible options.

·         Demonstrated ability to effectively express ideas orally and in writing, using appropriate language, organizing ideas, and marshaling facts in an objective manner.

·         Demonstrated ability to work effectively under the pressure of tight time-frames and rigid deadlines.

·         Draft and coordinate action packages and other correspondence related to your area of special operations policy and resources expertise for senior DoD leadership; coordinate, plan, and develop policies and initiatives appropriate for strategic guidance documents or DoD issuances such as directives or instructions.

·         Minimum 5 years of experience using communication skills, both written and oral, to include preparation of written products for senior leader (general officer/flag officer/senior executive service level).

·         Provide specialized sensitive activity and SAP operations expertise and advice to ASD/SOLIC and SOLIC/SO&CT staff and leadership.

·         Provide policy analysis and subject matter expertise in support of DOD sensitive activity capabilities, plans, requirements program, budget and execution.

·         Support ASD/SOLIC sensitive activity and SAP program reporting requirements by writing, editing, reviewing and fact-checking congressional and other reports including, but not limited to, SAP annual reports, Clandestine Quarterly report inputs, GAO audits and Departmental responses to them, and IG reports and Departmental responses to them. Such support will also include episodic or issue-specific reports arising from program activity.

·         Provide subject matter expertise in support of SOLIC/SO&CT i to establish and/or refine, implement and monitor compliance with policy, governance and implementation documents for maritime, aviation and terrestrial SAs and programs being conducted or planned by SOF. Such documents will typically include program or organizational charters, contracts, Execute Orders, Planning Orders, Concepts of Operation, and Deployment Orders.

·         Conceptualize, research, organize and produce briefing materials related to SOF SAs for presentation to or use by DoD staff and leadership during intra and inter-departmental engagements such as USSOCOM and GCC sensitive activity conferences, meetings, hearings and other fora and, in particular, meetings of the Special Operations Policy Oversight Council in which SOF SAs or programs are under discussion.

·         Monitor and assess the execution of SOF SAs and programs to proactively identify, characterize and report to SOLIC/SO&CT staff and leadership, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and risks that could lead to program failure or exposure, significant policy repercussions, or embarrassment to the United States, the Department of Defense or our partners. Recommend mitigation measures or alternative courses of action to eliminate or minimize such risks, consistent with mission accomplishment.

·         Provide experience-based, value-added operational perspective to senior policy decisions makers on SOF sensitive activities and ensure coordination with policy, legal and operational counterparts.

·         Assist in hosting/chairing meetings, visitations or large meetings related to contingency and operations plans, emerging special operations opportunities and other initiatives.

Azimuth Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or protected veteran status.

Required Skills

• Bachelor’s degree from accredited university
• Minimum 3 years of combined OSD and/or Service staff working SOF-related sensitive and special access programs, requirements, planning, programming/budget processes, contracts, and policies.
• Minimum 3 years of experience with and extensive knowledge of USSOCOM special mission units.
• Ability to interface with senior level management
• Demonstrated excellent verbal, interpersonal and written communication skills
• Demonstrated ability to provide technical support and advice
• Active Top Secret/SCI and Special Access Program clearance

• Master’s degree from an accredited university in any field of study
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