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Special Education Teacher FT-18/19

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Special Education Teacher FT-18/19
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Douglas,  AZ 85607
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Futures Education of The Futures Healthcore (Futures) is seeking a Special education teacher to provide academic services to our students with special needs.  

   Provide direct support to students in a classroom by delivering instruction and ensuring learning through a variety of teaching models and strategies.

·        Ensure appropriate accommodations to the curriculum, lessons and learning environment. Instruction can be provided within the regular classroom setting, resource setting, or small classroom setting.

·        Design classroom activities and lessons with multiple levels so that all students both meet their IEP goals, as well as access the general education curriculum.

·        Formally and informally assess the student learning (rather than relying solely on standardized curriculum) to create a comprehensive learning program.

·        Set high expectations that are suitable for the students. Assessments may be differentiated based on each individual education plan. This may require developing alternative assessments.

·        Work collaboratively with General Education teachers, the grade-level team, and other staff, to plan, share student work and ensure that instruction is aligned with identified common core curriculum and standards.

·        To promote respect for others.


• Individual must possess a Bachelor's degree; Master's Preferred from an accredited college or university, a valid cross-categorical special education teaching certificate or proof of eligibility, and the ability to fulfill requirements to be Highly Qualified under NCLB. 

  • Experience in dealing with Severe Behaviors 

To apply for this Special Education Teacher position in Douglas, AZ. please contact Chris McDaniels @ 413-349-4077 or Email: chris.mcdaniels@futureshealthjobs.com 

Required Skills
Arizona Teaching Certification
Special Education Endorsement
Master's Special Education Preferred
FP Card