Law Firm Administrator

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Law Firm Administrator
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Charleston,  SC 29492
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My client is Carolina law firm that has a number of offices in both the Carolinas.  This law firm is seeking a qualified Law Firm Administrator to run the day to day operations of the law firm.   Below are a few of the core responsibilities for this position.   



  • Complete annual budget, create P&L statements, analyze monthly to plan
  • Manage all banking transactions; record all wires and payments
  • Print all trust to transfer checks and process deposits
  • Review, print, process and verify bills to be paid, by check and credit card – pay all bills
  • Record all credit card transactions and allocate the accordingly; create reports
  • Plan, budget and execute all changes, purchases, repairs, additions and maintenance
  • Develop cost swing strategies
  • Create monthly partner draw sheets (update payroll, calculate and distribute hours worked, verify NBW, calculate coming expenses and monitor bank accounts)
  • Process semi-monthly bills (print, edits, re-prints, follow ups, process and send bills out). Follow up with clients (usually with emails and calls back and forth with questions about billing, re -sending, payments, etc.; involves matter research and follow up with answers)
  • Print receivables and email/call clients for collection (usually with emails and calls back and forth with questions, research and answers)
  • Data entry; research and answer emails and questions about expenses and bank accounts
  • Point of contact to all clients and staff in regards to money questions/concerns
  • Manage contracts and price negotiations with service providers and vendors
  • Pay and keep track of all bills relating to attorney and professionals’ dues, organizations, memberships and other professional fees
  • Work with on-staff CPA; create all documentation for tax returns
  • Contact for all vendors, providers, memberships, marketing, etc.


  • Process semi-monthly payroll: reconcile time, overtime, mileage and accruals
  • Point person for 401(k); process contributions – complete forms and file paperwork with IRS (tasks are annual; forms are time-consuming and require pulling information from different sources); point of contact for all sources related to 401(k)
  • New employee orientation and set-up: salaries, personnel file, cell phone plan, calendar HR dates for benefits – print, deliver and explain paperwork, add to healthcare and 401(k)
  • Recruiting: place ads, create recruiting accounts, job descriptions, calendar/execute interviews
  • Supervise receptionist and runner; provide support to all staff
  • Employee appreciation - coordinate celebrations and events
  • Prepare and perform annual reviews in coordination with partners
  • Website: coordinate website edits and content (with firm partner)
  • Offsite storage and onsite file management
  • Oversee office spending, meals, organization, supplies, and equipment; maintain office conditions and arrange necessary repairs
  • Organize and manage operations, policies and procedures
  • Coordinate and organize all professionals, partners and employees; CLE event reservations including travel and registration, calendaring, and entry of CLE time
  • Annual retreat: research flights, overnight stays, activities; book and help coordinate trip with staff member lead
  • Coordinate potential new building purchase and move with staff member lead

Software: ProLaw, ADP, Microsoft Office

Minimum of five years of relevant experience, plus undergraduate degree. Please stipulate your required salary range (commensurate with experience).

Friendly, collaborative work environment with high standards and demonstrated attention to detail. Competitive pay and benefits.


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