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Architect - Non-IT

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Architect - Non-IT
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Annapolis Junction,  MD 20794
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Offsite - USACE

***An ACTIVE TS/SCI is REQUIRED for consideration***




  • Provide full time support of RSFO Design and Project Managers by providing a mixture of design management and engineering estimating and construction oversight services.
  • Expertise with overall facility design, operations, and maintenance in a secure environment
  • Strong architectural design skills and a general knowledge of building construction disciplines such as, but not limited to secure work.


The Architect shall have strong interpersonal and communication skills. The Architect will be working closely with Government and Contractor personnel in highly technical and stressful situations.


Duties Include (and are not limited to):

  • Cost consultant on matters pertaining to costs of construction, repairs, remodeling and demolition of buildings.
  • Prepare draft preliminary, intermediate and final Government cost estimates for A/E Design and Construction portions for new contracts or modifications.
  • Assist Government staff in evaluating fee proposals from NE or Construction contractor by preparing cost comparisons and drafting pre-negotiation objective memorandums for the Government negotiating team to consider.
  • Provide technical expertise during fee negotiations and assist Government staff by documenting negotiations in price negotiation memorandums.
  • Prepare estimates of costs of these systems and write technical specifications which clarify and explain details and ramifications of systems, and construction and installation thereof.
  • Coordinate and seek information and concurrence with the customer, the RSFO Project Manager and other project team members as required.
  • Prepare cost estimates using automated estimating software, such as RS Means.


  • Review proposals prepared by Contractors, A/Es, and COE TO (technical centers for expertise) regarding modifications or changes, and substitutions of material or equipment.
  • Responsible for providing the RSFO highest level of technical recommendations regarding approval or rejection of proposals based on evaluation of field costs and justifications in order to minimize cost and changes.


  • Prepare independent cost estimate of proposed modification for use by RSFO in negotiations with contractor.
  • Reviews requests for contract modifications relevant to architectural systems and makes recommendations as to the need for, or feasibility of the change, and suggests more efficient or economical solutions to problem.


  • Provide architectural and technical support and guidance on design and construction related issues.
  • Provide technical review of unique, complex, or controversial construction activities involving the combination, arrangement and connection of equipment and furniture in buildings and provide guidance USACE personnel on complex architectural construction matters.
  • Provide reviews and analyses of design analyses, drawings, specifications and layouts of complete architectural submissions for structures such as barracks, complex office buildings and data centers, etc. prepared by architect-engineer firms.
  • Review and prepare comments for determination of most economical and energy conserving systems and designs.
  • Advises and assists USACE elements on the installation of architectural requirements and the feasibility of proposed contract modifications.
  • Include life safety.

  • Review NE preliminary design of architectural systems for conformance with using agency, CE, DA and DOD criteria for economy and practicability.
  • Indicate approval or comments for returning to A/E with instructions for correcting drawings, specifications and design analyses.
  • Upon receipt of final design and specifications, review for accuracy of computations; adequacy of types, sized, capacities, pressures, etc., of all components; and for errors or omissions and conflicts on final drawings and that the submission meets the mission including security requirements.
  • In this capacity, serves as consulting engineer with A/E for the using agency to ensure compliance with using agency requirements and with CE, DA, and DOD procedures and design criteria, for selection and design of mechanical systems, and to recommend changes to effect greater economy, more efficient layout, etc.
  • Serve in an architectural consulting capacity to, and as a trouble shooter for, the RSFO, providing advice and assistance to Project Managers on installation of equipment to prevent or correct interference with other construction phases.
  • Evaluates problems and makes on-the-spot recommendations.
  • Reviews contractors shop drawings with requests for approval of equipment.
  • Accepts or rejects proposed equipment based on conformance with contract plans and specifications.
  • Discusses new equipment and materials for use in design of mechanical systems with representatives of supply firms and recommends desirable equipment to OCE for inclusion in revised guide specifications, and for use in the preparation of new specifications.
  • As required, provides construction expertise during the design phase of projects.
  • Furnishes technical advice and assistance based upon review of design documents to ensure that they are consistent with field conditions and good construction practices.
  • Reviews plans and specifications from the constructability point of view to determine suitability for intended use of complex mechanical systems, design features such as capacities, sizes and space limitations for tie in with other construction, compatibility of unusual combinations of equipment or systems, and to insure economic and construction feasibility, etc.
  • Through consultation with field engineers and pertinent data reports, obtains preliminary data on modifications or necessary revisions.
  • As required, determines feasibility and plans methods to be used for accomplishing modifications to suit local conditions and changing requirements of using agency, national and local mechanical requirements and revisions there to occurring during construction.
  • Develops alternate designs, concepts and plans, or changes as necessary, makes determinations on types of operations and conditions under which equipment will be used, performance of component parts, layout of equipment, operating efficiency, etc.
  • Review special construction techniques, variances, methods, and procedures and annotate available documentation to provide recommendations for stakeholder approval or disapproval.
  • Review Contractor Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP) and provide comments and/or recommendations for stakeholder approval or disapproval.
  • Assure that all systems installed include adequate safety components and comply with all Federal accreditation requirements and local codes.
  • Prepare reports describing unsafe or inefficient facilities or equipment that will not work properly.
  • Recommend design features which would rectify undesirable situations encountered, and/or works with state-of-the-art manufacturers to develop equipment which will meet requirements.

  • Review shop drawings, equipment specifications, and design analyses from contractors, NEs or COE TCXs. Reviews these documents for compliance with required operating characteristics, and physical limitations reflected as shown in contract plans and specifications and as-built conditions.
  • Recommend acceptance of those items which are in compliance with criteria and goals or recommend changes to the project manager on items at variance with requirements, where such changes are considered necessary to meet the intended requirements of system.
  • Review all specifications and plans for the potential problem areas, non-compliance with relevant codes or corrections, evaluates all possibilities, and recommends specific correction of problems identified by User, Contractor, District, Division, USACE, and manufacturer, as necessary.

  • Identify potential problem areas and develops designs which will resolve problems and meet User needs, within User budget.

  • As required, perform on-site inspections of construction operations throughout Corps activities to define problems and devise or initiate alternative course of action.
  • Follow up to assure that action is taken to correct deficiencies.
  • Accompany the Project Manager on inspections at project sites.
  • Provide recommendations to personnel from higher authority to effect collective corrective actions to problems areas disclosed as result of inspections.

  • Proactively manage the review and estimating processes by effectively coordinating issues to minimize project impacts.
  • Maintain a high level of ethical and professional standards.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with all project team members.
  • Inform Government management of significant circumstances and issues that impact designs and costs along with analyses of alternatives and recommended actions.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Collaborate with other teammates engaged in the development, preparation and review of planning, budget, preliminary, comparative and final estimates for multiple project types.
  • As required, provide construction expertise during the design phase of projects.
  • Furnish technical advice and assistance based upon review of design documents to ensure that they are consistent with field conditions and good construction practices
  • Prior work experience with US Army Corps of Engineers projects is preferred, however not required.

  • The Architect shall have strong interpersonal and communication skills. The Architect will be working closely with Government and Contractor personnel in highly technical and stressful situations.
  • Azimuth Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation or protected veteran status.
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TS/SCI required to be considered
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