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Sr. Software Engineer (Ann Arbor, Detroit)

Job Title
Sr. Software Engineer (Ann Arbor, Detroit)
Job ID
Southfield,  MI 48336
Other Location

Technical Proficiency

  • Super solid skills in multiple object-oriented and/or front-end languages (Java, C#, .NET, Ruby, Angular, JavaScript, Ember, etc.)
  • Agile development practices including test-driven development (TDD), continuous integration and pair programming.
  • Consulting experience, along with collaboration and communication are a huge addition.
  • Experience developing mobile applications and desktop solutions in an Agile environment.
  • An advanced understanding of object-oriented design and development principles.


  • “No-constraints” thinking—we’re talking “change the world” kind of thinking.
  • Team members who push you to succeed, because they expect you to do the same for them.
  • Diverse and changing work environments.
  • Learning, sharing and working closely with other team members because we take the “two heads are better than one” saying very seriously.
  • A “Speed2Value” approach to solving problems and delivering value.
  • Open communication across the company—direct, expert and personal.
  • Active participation in Agile and software craftsmanship communities and we hope you do the same!
  • Having a direct impact on projects by commuting across Southeast Michigan to work personally with clients and teams.


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