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Service Dispatcher

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Service Dispatcher
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Jacksonville,  FL 32204
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Service Dispatcher
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Downtown Jacksonville


The overall responsibility of Service Dispatcher is to oversee the daily dispatch of the Service Technicians and assist with the effectiveness of the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). This employee must keep and maintain clear and concise communications with fellow dispatchers, parts and inventory managers, and delivery supervisors as well as department managers, employees, and customers. This employee will work with the Service Manager to assist in the growth and profitability of the service department.

Essential Functions

  • Schedule calls and efficiently dispatch and route technicians.
  • Adjust service technician's schedules to meet the changing demands of customers and technicians.
  • Maintain a clear and concise dispatch board. All dispatches should be updated and accurate. Dispatches should be kept relative to actual time so that the board is an accurate picture of what has happened and is planned to occur.
  • Make outbound calls to confirm customers are available before dispatching technicians to their next call.
  • When parts are received, create or modify dispatches and schedule service call.
  • Key service technician's deliveries of parts, tools, and other items which may include deliveries to or from the shop, parts houses, and other outside vendors or even customer locations.
  • Keep customers apprised of expected parts, when they should arrive, and when they should expect to see their technician.
  • Schedule Technician's return trips to customers when parts become available.
  • Create new dispatches for returning visits.
  • Soft schedule return visits.
  • Keep other dispatchers, CSR's, and selected members of managements apprised of current call availability.
  • Provide up to date maps for other dispatchers and CSR's.
  • Participate in customer relations by skillfully and tactfully dealing with customer concerns, displaying empathy, defuse upset customers situations and employing management help when necessary.
  • Answer customer questions regarding invoicing and pricing when possible and transfer calls to other department's managers and/or coordinators as necessary.
  • Maintain the customer database with current information as it relates to customer's contact and billing information, dispatches, service agreements, and equipment.
  • Assist with importing invoices, debriefing service technicians, and updating timecards after each call.
  • Attend and at times assist in CSR and Service department meetings.
  • Maintain on-call and shifted shift schedule. Notify technicians ahead of time of their shifts and remind them the day of.
  • Assist in the training of newly hired CSR's and provide on-going coaching to existing CSR's.
  • Anticipate future call demand and advise CSR's accordingly for future bookings and outbound calls.
  • Promote the Maintenance program to new and existing customers.
  • Abide  by company safety procedures  and notify upper  management  of  any safety concerns.

Other Duties

This list is not intended to be an all-inclusive list. Other duties may apply and duties may change without any formal or written notice.


  • Quick Thinking
  • Hard working
  • Collaborative
  • Focused
  • Punctual
  • Positive under stress
  • Accurate

Supervisory Responsibility

Participate in and oversee customer relations by CSRs. Supervise the scheduling of customers in the TMS system. Provide performance based feedback for CSR evaluations. Help facilitate both individual and professional goals for CSR's.

Work Environment

An office setting with several desks in tight proximity. Each member in the dispatching department has both a desk phone and a dispatch cell phone. There is an internal customer service counter that must be attended to as well. This environment brings forth many frequent distractions and interruptions throughout the day.

Some accommodations may be made for individuals with disabilities.

Physical Demands

Must be able to sit at a desk, type, and talk on the phone for long periods of time.


Full time during the spring and fall seasons, full time plus overtime during summer and winter months. This industry is weather driven. During hot or cold snaps extended hours are expected.


Little to no-travel is needed on a daily basis. Occasional travel for training may occur.

Required Education and Experience

A High School Diploma is required.

Knowledge of dispatching, preferred. Knowledge in a service related industry, required.

Courses or proficiency in typing and basic computer skills.

Preferred Education and Experience 

A bachelor degree or the equivalent education in business or operations management.

Knowledge of HVAC industry.

Participation in teamwork related hobbies, sports, or work environments.


 We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Required Skills

A High School Diploma is required.

Knowledge of a service related industry.

Courses or proficiency in typing and basic computer skills.

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