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Reading Coach

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Reading Coach
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Jacksonville,  FL 32218
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Reading Coach
Northside/Jacksonville, FL

Must have a Valid "Florida" Teacher Certificate

Description and Goals:
The Reading Coach will support all staff in the implementation of the site reading plan and program. The Coach will work directly with teachers in a school providing classroom-based demonstrations, collaborative and one-on-one support, and facilitating teacher inquiry and related professional development. The Coach will focus on enhancing teachers' ability to provide instruction that builds students’ sense of engagement in the ownership of learning. The Coach will also work with administrators and teachers to collect and analyze data, interpret, and use it to guide instructional decisions.


1. Guide teachers to collect and analyze data and develop action plans in response to determined student needs.
2. Provide individualized, classroom-based support to implement comprehensive program. This will include modeling of best teaching practices.
3. Work with the principals within the grantee site to create a school-wide focus on goals for reading achievement.
4. Oversee the school’s assessment procedure, training, data collection and collaborate with the principal to complete reports due.
5. Participate fully in professional development opportunities and professional research and reading.

1. 2+ years classroom experience
2. Deep knowledge of reading, writing and literacy development
3. Outstanding presentation and facilitation skills
4. Interpersonal skills (communication, problem solving, conflict management, collaboration) to share research based instructional approaches with teachers and administrators and provide advice, mentoring and coaching
5. Strong organizational skills

Required Skills

Certified Teaching Certificate

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