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Curriculum Specialist

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Curriculum Specialist
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Jacksonville,  FL 32218
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Curriculum Specialist
Northside/Jacksonville, FL

 - Master's Degree
ā€‹ - Certified Teaching Certificate

Curriculum specialists support teachers by providing the foundation materials for courses and giving constructive feedback on how teachers are implementing those materials. Lead professional development activities to upgrade administrative, supervisory and teaching skills of fully certified personnel.  Responsible for the revision, development, implementation and evaluation of the School(s) curriculum.

  • Lead, direct and manage Professional Development operations; assist in recruiting, selecting, orienting, training and coaching staff.  Plan, monitor, appraise and review staff job contributions to planning, development, delivery and follow up.
  • Develop and maintain a planning process that includes stakeholders in addressing long-range and short range needs.
  • Observe instruction in classrooms and, when requested, assist teachers in improving their performance.
  • Prepare, submit, maintains and oversee Professional Development budget.
  • Prepare or oversee the preparation and submittal of required reports and maintain records as appropriate.
  • Oversee the development, assessment and revision of curriculum guides and courses of study.
  • Monitor education laws, rules and regulations and keep current with State academic content standards, benchmarks and indicators.
  • Observe educational/personnel trends and development and incorporate such information in  to the School(s) program.
  • Attend appropriate conferences and workshops
  • Act as a role model within the community, participating in community outreach as needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Chief Academic Officer.
Required Skills

Master's Degree

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